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5 Reasons Why We Love the Motorola TLK 25

Posted in General, Two-Way Radios 08th May 2024

Two-way radios have now become part and parcel of our everyday communication. Whether you’re hoping to make your store safer or secure your event, two-way radios are the way to…

Let’s Talk! Hiring Two Way Radios, PoC Radios & Bodycams

Posted in Body Cameras, PTT Over Cellular, Radio Hire, Two-Way Radios 05th Nov 2021

Previously, we have touched upon 7 benefits of hiring two way radios, PoC radios, and bodycams. Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of hiring communication equipment with Digitall…

Let’s Focus: Kenwood TK-3701D

Posted in How It Works, Two-Way Radios 27th Jul 2021

The Kenwood TK-3701D is becoming a popular product amongst our customers. From security to schools, this licence-free radio is great for various industries. Let’s take a deep dive into the…

Best Body Camera For Security Guards

Posted in Two-Way Radios 10th Jun 2021

Finding the right body camera for your business can be tricky. There are so many to choose from but what is the best body camera for security guards? The simple…

What Is An IP Rating? IP Ratings Explained

Posted in Two-Way Radios 08th Apr 2021

An important term when dealing with two way radios is IP Rating. However, this can cause confusion amongst first time or non-technical users as you can be unsure whether your…

Why Two Way Radios Would Benefit Your Golf Club

Posted in Two-Way Radios 31st Mar 2021

With outdoor sports facilities having re-opened on Monday 29th, your golf club may still be trying to pick up from where you left off.
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Security Guard Equipment – Protect Your Staff

Posted in Two-Way Radios 10th Dec 2020

Security Guard Equipment in Depth Christmas and New Year are a great and fun time of year! But this also means fun can turn serious fast. That’s where your security…

Protecting Your Empty Property During Lockdown

Posted in Two-Way Radios 04th Dec 2020

Winter is typically a busy period for security, this year is no exception. We know empty property is an attractive target for burglars due to them being less secure than…

7 Benefits of Two Way Radio Hire, Poc Hire & Bodycam Hire

Posted in Two-Way Radios 13th Nov 2020

Two way radios and Body Cams continue to provide communication solutions across numerous industries. Hiring communications equipment offers many benefits to assist your business during, not only uncertain times, but…

Rwanda Education Project – #Raise4Rwanda

Posted in Two-Way Radios 07th Sep 2020

The story so far… So you all know that one of our Digitall Comms‘ owners Amanda climbed the lesser known Yorkshire 3 peaks last month which kick started this project…

Motorola CLPe – The Latest Generation of PMR446 Radio

Posted in Two-Way Radios 20th Aug 2020

Introducing the latest version of the Motorola CLP PMR446 radio range. The perfect answer to all of your contactless communication needs – the Motorola CLPe series. 

Headset Comms | A Future with Distanced Communication

Posted in Two-Way Radios 18th Aug 2020

Ear Defenders | Comms Headsets In today’s unprecedented workspace, there’s always room for improvement. And, as we ease back into normality, it’s important we stay safe to keep our country…