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In today’s unprecedented workspace, there’s always room for improvement. And, as we ease
back into normality, it’s important we stay safe to keep our country thriving.  Here at Digitall Comms, we’ll be taking you through a future of distanced communication with
ear defenders (or, if you like; headsets, comms headset and so

Maintaining production and safety at a distance can be tough, especially with close
machinery or the need for multiple people on specific stations. Therefore highlighting the
importance of proficient comms headsets.

In order to help find the right industrial comms headset, we’ve put together some of the key features we believe your ear defenders should have in order to provide suitable protection and improved
workspace dynamics.

1. You’ll Need a Comms Solution that doesn’t Stop for a Meeting

…because safety and production always counts, really, that could have been group-emailed.

At times, production lines must halt for a meeting. Even if brief, it can cause disruption
to any KPI.  This can be especially impeding during a time of reduced
workforce members who are spaced further apart.
Either radio ear defenders or Bluetooth ear defenders are the perfect solution that
would allow each member of production-line staff to communicate efficiently without
needing to leave their station.

2. You’ll Need to be Able to Engage in Workie-Talkie

…look no hands! the hands free walkie talkie

Being able to work faster to account for lessened workforces or increased demand is
vital to maintaining every part of production.
That’s why you need a wireless comms headset with battery charging. Comfortable enough to wear all day without needing to use hands or disrupt the ability to work at full capacity. Whilst being able to communicate with your team.

3. You’ll Need to Communicate Without Risking Loss of Voice

…so you can save it for the stage. We’ve all heard you humming in the break room, go for it.

Days of screaming across the factory floor at Big Dan for one reason or another are
over. So too, are hearing plant managers yell measurements for the newest vegan substitute.
With socially-distanced working and face-masks becoming the new uniform, things can be misheard, and throats can become sore. You will need a comms headset with high-quality audio, noise cancellation and crisp microphone input.

4. You’ll Need Something Flexible to Fit Every Head

…a solution that works for all

The issue with other ear protection methods is their need for moulding such as ear
plugs. These often need fitting to manufacturing standards within the ear canal which
can be difficult and may lead to casualties.

A more cost effective, time saving, and comfortable alternative would be investing in
an industrial comms headset with simple options of headband, neckband or helmet mounted attachments.

5. You’ll Need Something Durable

…because we all know someone who will have forgotten to charge.

As we’ve already said, other forms of ear protection often fall out or lose power
quickly. Particularly when you factor removing ear buds to communicate or forgetting
to charge the wireless comms headset after shift.

That’s why you need ear defenders that have; a long battery life, premium quality materials and simple, intuitive settings to maintain maximum safety.

Here at Digitall Comms, we have just the solution for you. The product that fits all
the above; the 3M Peltor Ear Defenders (LiteCom and LiteCom Plus models).

With the base model Peltor Ear Defenders LiteCom there’s active noise cancellation, two-way
radio, wireless functions, Bluetooth radio, CSA class A accreditation, rechargeable batteries
with 20 hours running time and more.

Not only that, but the Peltor LiteCom ear defenders
offer 8 channels and 38 sub-channels over a range of 1,000 meters: plenty of distance for a
manufacturing team within processing industries.

With the Peltor Ear Defenders LiteCom Plus, there’s all this and more. For maximum
workplace protection, the plus model provides a whopping 3,000 meters of communication
range with 8 channels and 121 subchannels to extend communication to further
departments. You’ll also find a lithium ion battery with a life of 20 hours and can easily
connect with devices regardless of frequency.

Digitall Comms believe the future of distanced workplace communication will lie with business communications products such as the 3M Peltor Ear Defenders (LiteCom and LiteCom Plus models).

Industrial Headsets: A Future with Distanced Communication