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The hospitality industry is evolving with a lot of focus on one thing – providing excellent service. The pressure to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service provided is enormous. 

We, at Digitall Comms, have many years of experience providing the best two-way radios for hotels, bars, & restaurants; be it simple two-way radio setups, or advanced, bespoke solutions. So, let’s find a solution that’s perfect for your needs together!

Instant Communication

Increase Safety

Enhance Security

Boost Efficiency

Here’s why radios are essential

Using walkie-talkies in hospitality is essential to general functioning and safety. With the increasing challenge to provide impeccable customer service, maintain security, and ensure timely response, radios are an indispensable tool to the industry. 

  • Quick & discreet communication to deal with complaints & other urgent situations. 
  • Programmable emergency features for high risk situations.
  • GPS Tracking, Lone Worker, Priority Interrupt, Emergency Calling, & more to enhance security. 
  • General maintenance, care-taking and cleaning calls, made easy. 
  • Easy supervision of tasks, events, & situations.

Try it before you buy it!

Not sure which one works best for you? Don’t worry! With our Try Before You Buy scheme, you can test a variety of walkie-talkies on your site to help you decide before you buy/hire. So, try it now, and buy it later!

Purchase or hire radios

With a growing need for seamless communication in hotels, bars, clubs, & restaurants, two-way radios or walkie-talkies are in demand, now more than ever. To enhance security, prioritise safety, and ensure timely intervention, uninterrupted, effective communication is paramount. 

Walkie-talkies can ensure your hotel plans, prepares, handles, & resolves challenging situations effectively and efficiently. Be it handheld radios or repeaters, you can hire a complete range of communication solutions from us. We have a number of flexible radio hire packages, which can be tailored to suit your needs. So, give us a call today.

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I approached Digitall Comms to get a price on 32 radios with license and charging stations.

They provided a very knowledgeable service and answered all my questions honestly and if they didn’t know the information they very quickly found this out for me and got back to me within the hour; verty fast and prompt customer service!

Jonathan Poole


Oak Wood Secondary School

From first contact with Digitall Comms, I knew they’d be a company that would look after us and make sure we was provided with the best radios for our needs. Nothing has been too much of an issue to ask.

Carl Moore

Assistant Manager

Best Western Calcot Hotel


The Old Clockhouse,

46-48 Odsal Road,

Bradford, BD6 1AQ

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