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5 Reasons Why We Love the Motorola TLK 25

Posted in General, Two-Way Radios 08th May 2024

Two-way radios have now become part and parcel of our everyday communication. Whether you’re hoping to make your store safer or secure your event, two-way radios are the way to…

Let’s Focus: Hytera BD615 and Icom IC-F27SR

Posted in Education, Industry 11th Mar 2024

We’re proud to introduce two new radios to our two way radio fleet! The Hytera BD615 and Icom IC-F27SR are brand new to our fleet. We will cover the features…

How It Works: PoC Dispatch Console

Posted in General, Industry 11th Mar 2024

Like most communication devices, PoC radios link back to a central dispatch system. This dispatch system has instant deployment almost anywhere due to the use of Wi-Fi, meaning it has…

Introducing Halo

Posted in Education, General 11th Mar 2024

Halo are the world’s leading bodycam specialist and have years of frontline experience in the UK and European Body Camera market. This gives them first-hand knowledge of how they need…

Let’s Talk! Hiring Two Way Radios, PoC Radios & Bodycams

Posted in Body Cameras, PTT Over Cellular, Radio Hire, Two-Way Radios 05th Nov 2021

Previously, we have touched upon 7 benefits of hiring two way radios, PoC radios, and bodycams. Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of hiring communication equipment with Digitall…

Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC) vs Mobile Phones

Posted in PTT Over Cellular 30th Jul 2021

There is a lot of competition within communication devices on the market currently but choosing the right one for your business is important.

Let’s Focus: Kenwood TK-3701D

Posted in How It Works, Two-Way Radios 27th Jul 2021

The Kenwood TK-3701D is becoming a popular product amongst our customers. From security to schools, this licence-free radio is great for various industries. Let’s take a deep dive into the…

Manufacturers To Increase Two Way Radio Prices

Posted in Latest News 26th Jul 2021

The latest two way radio news this week comes from our manufacturers. Due to the market changes across 2020 and in 2021, Consam, Motorola, 3M, and Hytera have made the…

Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios – 6 Benefits

Posted in PTT Over Cellular 23rd Jul 2021

There are many benefits to push to talk over cellular radios, this can be down to the integration of both two way radio and mobile phone technology. We will go…

What are PoC Radios? Push To Talk Over Cellular Explained

Posted in PTT Over Cellular 02nd Jul 2021

PoC radios, or push to talk over cellular, is a two way radio meets mobile phone. It combines traditional radio functionality with modern mobile phone technology including using a SIM…

Best Body Camera For Security Guards

Posted in Two-Way Radios 10th Jun 2021

Finding the right body camera for your business can be tricky. There are so many to choose from but what is the best body camera for security guards? The simple…

Why Are Bodycameras Important – 5 Reasons Why

Posted in Body Cameras 13th May 2021

Safety First Solve all incidents quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-use communication system. A body camera’s presence acts as a deterrent to theft and retail violence in the workplace. Hence,…