What are PoC Radios? Push To Talk Over Cellular Explained

PoC radios, or push to talk over cellular, is a two way radio meets mobile phone. It combines traditional radio functionality with modern mobile phone technology including using a SIM card. Offering the benefits of each technology in one handy device. 

 Push to talk connectivity with the possibility of worldwide coverage. Due to a PoC radio using mobile technology, this means communication can work over SIM cellular, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks. Because of the range of networks used, they are sometimes be referred to as push to talk cellular, PTOC, PTT, WiFi radios, or internet radios.

What is PoC?

With push to talk over cellular, you receive all the great functions and features of digital two way radios. All communication is at the touch of a button with high quality sound. Other features include instant group calling, GPS location tracking, lone worker and man down functions. Unlike two way radios, a PoC radio is completely licence free because of the nationwide network they work off, which means no extra charges to budget in.

Not only will a PoC radio use mobile phone networks to communicate, but they allow access to many third-party apps that you have the ability to download that can help within your business.

Due to the network services they use and being unlicensed, PoC radios can be used worldwide, just like a phone. For example, a team in Scotland would be able to speak to a team in London using PoC without having to substitute quality.

How PoC Radios Work

Push to talk over cellular radios use mobile networks via a SIM card such as those within mobile phones to transmit communication. This can make it a highly reliable signal and coverage option. There is the additional cost of the SIM cards to factor into your budget but there are two SIM card options available depending on your requirements and location.

However, a poc radio can be used without a SIM as well. These radios are built to work using data and the internet. For example, if you were introducing PoC onto a school campus where the internet will be the only source of connectivity, SIM cards would not be required. The radios can be connected up to the internet system on campus to carry the signal.

Any app that is available on the Google Play store, is available on the poc device. This can range from tracking capabilities, workflow management, and time scheduling. Not only does this make it easier to integrate into a current set-up but training for staff is a breeze. This is due to the similarities to a mobile phone.

Want to find out more? Stick around! We’ll be deep-diving more into PoC over the coming weeks to make you aware of what options are available to you and your business.

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