Bodycameras: Law, Legality, and Popularity

Over the last 10 years, bodycameras have been rising in popularity. With bodycams becoming a common form of technology, there come many questions in relation to law and legality. But why are body cameras popular?

Are Bodycameras Legal?

The short answer is yes.

There are no specific laws or regulations that cover wearing or the use of body worn cameras. The laws and regulations surrounding bodycams follow those of photography. Anyone can use a body camera anywhere that they can use a standard camera. This covers the ability to photograph people and buildings without needing permission, providing you are in a public place, unless stated otherwise. Meaning body cameras are legal for civilians.

The reason why some get it mixed up legally, is consent. If you take a photograph of an individual without their consent, it becomes a civil matter. Especially if you intend to publish the image. Unless it is a breach of privacy, such as taking a photo of someone within their own home, or anywhere where they have the right to privacy.

This goes the same for audio. Legally speaking, if someone has recorded your conversation without consent, the most legal action you can take is a civil claim. However, you must prove your privacy has been breached.

Police keep footage on an internal secure location for potential use within a court or other legal proceedings. Otherwise, it’s deleted if it’s not needed. Certain people have access to protected information and therefore not public viewing. Unless released to the public in very limited circumstances.

Digitall Comms wipes all hire bodycameras of their data when they come back into our workshop, we do not watch or store any data. We recommend transferring your data onto your own devices before returning the bodycams back to us at the end of your hire period

Are Bodycameras Effective?

Mental health nurses in West London have seen a 71% reduction in needing to use tranquillising injection when dealing with patient restraints following their introduction of body worn cameras. [Source]

It’s statistics like those that we are able to show how effective bodycameras are. The data was retained over a four-month period and compared to the data in the previous year. Not only did it reduce incidents, but 86% of staff said they felt reassured when wearing them, and reassured patients too. As a result of this study, they decided to roll out bodycams across the organisation.

Why Are Bodycameras Important?

What we know from previous studies is that the benefits to wearing bodycameras outweigh any concerns there may be. This is due to never knowing when it may become vital to have caught that footage.

Staff members of the study above, felt protected knowing that it was all being recorded. Some describe it as having a constant witness for evidence. It also changes the behaviour of people around you, and most times it’s for the better.

Body worn cameras have benefits that will be able to help you out whatever situation you are in across any industry. Just recently, retail and fast food restaurants have introduced the use of body cameras to protect their staff from any incident that may occur. Many schools have introduced bodycams to aid safety and monitor behaviour.

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