Let’s Focus: Kenwood TK-3701D

The Kenwood TK-3701D is becoming a popular product amongst our customers. From security to schools, this licence-free radio is great for various industries. Let's take a deep dive into the TK-3701D.

Part of the ProTalk range, the TK-3701D is a dual-mode analogue and digital two way radio. Therefore, it is ideal for mixed fleets or if you’re gradually upgrading your handsets to digital as you can easily switch between the two.


You receive all the perks of digital radios including the clear and crisp audio quality with less residual noise and extended coverage. With this in mind, there are a total of 48 preset channels (32 digital and 16 analogue) in 3 zones (2 digital and 1 analogue) which gives you freedom between the two modes. With an IP rating of IP54/55, it provides enough protection for any typical day-to-day duties. To find out more about IP ratings, click here.

Licence Free

As a result of being licence free, it operates on free-to-access public frequencies otherwise known as PMR446 channels. Another great feature of this radio is the straight-out-the-box use. In other words, it is already pre-programmed and can be used immediately with any type of two way radio. On the other hand, you may experience interference from other licence free radios in your area. However, if privacy is important to you, we have ‘code’ options available that we can program in that will ensure privacy.

Licence free radios are a great cost-effective option. For instance, the low price makes it easy for small businesses to benefit from quality communication and the features of digital radios, without the price of a licence.

Kenwood TK-3701D radios are popular across all industries due to their straightforward use and the many opportunities they offer. We have provided both security and schools with TK-3701D’s but have found other industries have found these radios have suited their needs.