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3M Peltor Hearing Protection


3M Peltor is a global industry leader offering specialist communication and hearing protection solutions. Their wide variety of innovative headsets, ear defenders and accessories open up a world of improved safety and greater connectivity.

Here at Digitall Comms, we offer a comprehensive range of 3M Peltor products. From the renowned LiteCom headsets, which are designed to protect against hazardous noise levels whilst enabling communication between colleagues with its built-in two way radio. To the Alert headsets, which protect hearing and allow the user to listen to FM radio or an external device at the same time.


3M Peltor provides smart solutions for easy and protective communication


Since 2016, harmful noise has been officially recognised as an irreversible health risk (Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC). Endured exposure to high levels of noise, particularly greater than 85db, can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, adequate hearing protection in hazardous noise environments is absolutely vital.


3M Hearing Protection / Passive Ear Defenders

We are the leading supplier of 3M Ear Defenders. Protect your workforce from exposure to loud noise. We have a large range of Ear Defenders, suitable for your level of protection and budget.

3M Active Ear Defenders

Active Ear Defenders allow you to block out loud noise, yet amplify quieter ones.

3M Peltor Listen Only Headsets 

Plug in radios, mobile phones or MP3 devices to listen to audio, voice or music while at work. Our range of Listen Only headsets provide a high-level of hearing protection from outside noises.

3M Peltor ATEX Headsets

Our 3M Peltor Explosion proof headsets are the best in the market. These headsets are ATEX approved, to be used as hearing protection in hazardous environments.

3M Communication Headsets

Two-way radio with the 3M Communication Headsets. Great for communicating in high-noise environments, whilst providing first-class hearing protection.

Aviation Headsets / Pilot Headsets / Aircraft Headset

3M™ PELTOR™ Pilot headsets have no protruding features which can snag. All contacts are encased and reinforced at bending points. The low profile of the headband ensures that the headset sits firmly on the head and minimises the risk of bumping against obstacles. The parallel connector means that each earphone works separately, so that if one fails, the other works as usual. The microphone arm features a securely encased cord. The small, sturdy design with four positions gives even more effective communication with its increased flexibility.

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