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Christmas and New Year are a great and fun time of year! But this also means fun can turn serious fast. That’s where your security company comes in. Having the right security guard equipment is vital when working in Security and you have to make sure your guards are prepared for anything that might be thrown at them, figuratively and literally.

Being out with the public can be tough, that’s why Digitall Comms supply a range of equipment to keep your workers safe when out on the job, from the best body cameras for security guards to a range of security walkie talkies. We even have new products available such as Stab Vests and Slash Gloves.

We have gathered together information regarding each product to help you discover what equipment will work for you.

Catch It On Camera

Every second counts, especially when involved within a potentially violent situation or on a lonely night shift. Collecting evidence is important and plays a role in protecting you and your company if you get into hot water.

Security body cameras are a great way to move into the digital age. Have evidence at the tip of your finger whilst providing many features to assist in your duties. These include an emergency alarm which can be triggered at the push of a button, sleek and lightweight build to make it easier to carry, high-quality audio, and some security body cameras models allow night vision.

Keep Yourself Protected

With knife and sharp instrument crime increasing according to the Commons Library, it is vital to make sure all your staff are safe when dealing with the general public. Security guards have to be prepared for anything, especially a sharp weapon being brought to the scene.

Stab Vests are an ideal piece of security guard equipment to limit any injury one may cause and we are proud to be able to offer this extra support. Stab vests can also protect against blunt force trauma as well as sharp objects, offering more protection.

Don’t Miscommunicate

Delayed responses to the main office can cause confusion and Team B just aren’t picking up the phone. Maybe it’s time to replace your current communicating devices with a fast and reliable system without relying on them answering the phone.

Two way radios for security guards are a great form of communication devices. With many different models offering an array of features, we can help find the perfect solution for you. Easily accessible features ideal for security such as emergency alarm, lone worker, and instant connection. Your radios can be connected to different accessories including a radio earpiece which you can find out below!

No More Signal Issues

In addition to regular two way radios, you may benefit from using POC (Push-to-talk over cellular). Do you find yourself struggling with contacting your team at the same time? Or do they struggle with signal when on patrol?

Push-to-talk over cellular may be your solution, especially for Security. Working on cellular, Wi-Fi and 4G to keep you connected to the rest of the radio fleet nationwide. POC radio also gives you the advantage of their one-to-many system, communicating with all your staff at once, especially with the GPS Mapping feature which helps you locate specific radios and thus specific members of staff.

Loud and Clear

Hands free is the way to go! No need to hand-carry any device and your hands are free for any unexpected scuffles. Having a voice in your ear helps to understand any communication loud and clear without having to struggle against background noise to hear your colleague.

A radio earpiece keeps the communication flowing and makes it easier for the security guards to be kept up to date without having to have a hand-on the security walkie talkie 24/7. We do a variety of earpieces for you to choose from; from D-shaped, to surveillance, it’s up to you!

We also offer a range of noise-cancelling headsets. Specifically used for noisier environments such as club door security or events, to protect your staff’s hearing. You will also receive clear communication through your security walkie talkie.

Just let us know when you enquire and our Radio Enquiry Team will be happy to help!

A Helping Hand

Protect your hands for any dangerous situation that could arise. You want to make sure that if anyone was to attack with a sharp object, your hands are still in a stable condition to be able to stabilize the situation or defend yourself.

That’s where Slash Resistant Gloves come in. Protect your hands whatever the situation throws at you. There are different weights and materials of slash gloves to choose from depending on the use. Slash gloves are designed to perform in harsh environments and are flexible enough to give you full movement.

Recommended Products

Here at Digitall Comms, we have a range of products for you to choose from depending on what will work best for you. We have different options for security body cameras, whether you are looking for a straight-forward body camera or something with a little added extra. We also have different options for two way radios for security guards to suit your needs.

Here are our the products we recommend as a part of our Security Range:

Hytera VM550

This is available with or without a screen so you can choose which model will work best for you! Compact, robust, and HD camera to capture high-resolution live images. 

Hytera VM780

If you’re looking for a more complex body camera, the Hytera VM780 might be more for you. With built-in POC radio, this body camera also functions as a two way radio.

Ultra Covert Body Armour

We recommend the Ultra Covert Body Armour as our stab vest option, this offers stab and needle protection whilst providing additional protection against blunt force trauma.

Motorola DP4400E

This security walkie talkie offers the ability to text message with the compact keyboard and powerful audio to deliver loud and clear speech.

Hytera PD505

PD505 are great two way radios for security guards. With a long battery life of 16 hours and one-touch call or text. This walkie talkies lightweight design is great for long shifts and extremely robust in case of any drops or falls.


If you’re looking for a purely POC radio with a display screen, we recommend the PTTI T18. This robust radio is great for Security with two programmable push-to-talk keys and an emergency key. The large display also functions as a touch screen that also supports glove touching, making the radio functional in any weather.

D-Shaped Earpieces

The type of radio earpiece you receive is up to you, your company, and your staff’s preference. We see a lot of our clients choose D-Shaped earpieces, due to their design to fit a variety of ear sizes for a more comfortable wear.

Leather Slash Defender Gloves

These provide great protection against edged weapons whilst offering additional flame and fire protection. Slash gloves are designed with a warm and soft finish and made from 100% high-quality genuine leather.

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