4 reasons why PMR446 Radios are in high demand right now

PMR446 radios (license-free two-way radios) are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the demand for contactless communication.

We decided to have a closer look at what these devices offer and how they can help your business adapt to the now socially distant world.

1. No Fuss, Ready to Use Radio Solution

Everyone from retail workers to hospitality & care home workers are looking for a solution that will help to overcome the challenges social distancing creates.

License-free radios are a quick, no-fuss solution ready to use straight from the box(some PMR446 radio models are also programmable should you require a slightly tailored set up).

2. A Cost Effective Yet Safe Communication Solution

Less expensive than the licensed alternatives, PMR446 radios are a reliable solution that won’t break the bank.

To make things even easier they are also available in bundles coming as a complete communications solution.

3. Simple to Operate

PMR446 radios are easy & simple to operate, making them extremely user friendly for those who aren’t familiar with walkie talkies.

Many businesses choose this solution as they’re easy to use and allow staff to focus on their priorities.

Two-way-radios allow teams to communicate over a range of floors and departments within the business helping your team run as efficiently as possible.

PMR446 radios are a light-weight, no-nonsense, solution to contactless communication.

4. Compact, Robust & Durable

Whilst keeping a discreet & stylish design, license-free devices are lightweight & built for regular use.

PMR446 radios are a great hassle-free solution to get you through the months ahead, many are built with industries such as retail or hospitality in mind & can be used straight from the box.

With a huge choice of brands to pick from and an even larger choice of models, they are a simple to use communication tool for many businesses, particularly whilst adapting to the ever changing guidelines from the government. 


Take a look at some of the PMR446 radios license free radios available from Digitall Comms – feel free to contact us and speak with our expert team if you’re not sure which solution suits you.