Motorola CLPe – The Latest Generation of PMR446 Radio

Introducing the latest version of the Motorola CLP PMR446 radio range. The perfect answer to all of your contactless communication needs – the Motorola CLPe series. 

What is the Motorola CLPe?

The Motorola CLPe is a licence-free, discreet radio that will allow staff to communicate effortlessly, whilst focusing on the needs of the customer. This PMR446 two-way-radio will allow your front-of-house staff and back-of-house staff to work together with ease.

The use of contactless communication devices, such as the Motorola CLPe has many benefits. It helps staff comply with social distancing guidelines and aids them in working together, as part of an efficient team.

The Motorola CLPe PMR446 radio is extremely versatile and suitable for a range of businesses including, retail, hospitality, and care.

The new Motorola CLPe is an essential communications tool for any high-performance team. This new palm-sized radio is just as durable and reliable as its predecessor along with a range of exciting new features. 

What does the new CLPe have that it’s predecessor the CLP446 didn’t?

The previous model held an impressive battery life of 9-14 hours. However, the new and improved model boasts a massive 20 hours battery life – the perfect companion for staff who work long shifts.

The new CLPe model also has 16 channel options, twice as many as the previous model! The newest generation also boasts a remarkable range of up to 6 floors/7,400m2 giving you superior voice quality in multi-storey buildings. 

The latest model of CLPe series is designed with comfort and ease of use as a priority. Clever additions such as a textured, centrally located push-to-talk (PTT) button and a redesigned earpiece provide ease of use.

The new CLPe also provides crisp and clear audio which can be adjusted between 15 different volume levels. 

The newly included smart status glow ring indicates volume level, mute, battery status, active channel, and other useful features.

Including pre-defined voice prompts like the previous model, you can now add custom voice prompts too.

This device is not only easy to use, it is also stylish, discreet, and durable. The device is built using polycarbonate housing which is IP54 and MIL-STD 810H rated, this ensures that the radio is protected from dust, water, vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.

Not just a pretty face…

The Motorola CLPe PMR446 radio is not just a stylish addition to your team’s business comms kit, it’s a reliable and versatile device that ensures easy communication between members of staff, and in turn, supports staff in providing exemplary customer service experience, whilst complying with social distancing guidelines.

Orders for the CLP446 will stop in September – snap them up whilst stocks last!

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