Protecting Your Empty Property During Lockdown

Winter is typically a busy period for security, this year is no exception. We know empty property is an attractive target for burglars due to them being less secure than our homes.

With a large majority of people working from home, companies are leaving office premises and corporate buildings vacant.

Police and Security Guards are seeing a rise in burglaries as we head into the darker days and colder nights and this time we need to be prepared against opportunistic thieves.

Empty office? It’s not just thievery you need to watch out for…

You won’t only be protecting the premises against theft but also against squatters & fly tipping.

Even before lockdown, there were 19,011 burglaries in April 2020 alone both domestic and commercial according to the UK Crime Stats.

This is where you come in. Businesses need you to protect their equipment as these tend to be worth a lot more than what thieves would generally find at a residential property.

To be able to offer empty property security you need to make sure your staff are well-equipped and protected too.

How can we help you protect?

Digitall Comms provides a wide array of solutions to help your staff provide 24 hour security and patrols.

POC, or push-to-talk over cellular are great security radios.

They work using cellular, Wi-Fi and 4G which means that when your staff are patrolling they are less likely to lose signal with national and international coverage.

Even though POC uses cellular they work like two way radios so you get all the features of a digital radio including instant push-to-talk. 

Contact your team at the push of a button anywhere in the country.

One to one, or one to everyone!

They feature a one-to-many system which unlike mobile phones one-to-one, they use the same system as a regular two way radio where you communicate with many people at once.

These are good for security radios as they also feature GPS Mapping meaning you can view the real-time location of each device.

This feature is designed with lone workers and isolated premises in mind.

Unlike mobile phones where your staff may be easily distracted by text messages, games, or the internet whilst on shift, with POC they won’t have access to these areas meaning productivity will be maximised as they are less distracted but still easily accessible.

POC two way radios are easy to use and manage, and can also work alongside any two way security radios or mobile phones you currently use.

Better, together

If you’re looking for a POC radio that does a little more, why not look into a body camera with an integrated POC system?

This gives you the ability to live stream bodycam footage so you can see the action in real time rather than having to wait for the bodycam to be returned back to the office whilst having a push-to-talk button to be able to communicate.

A body camera and two way radio in one, who’d have thought it?

And that’s not all…

We also offer accessories!

A popular extra addition, security earpieces are a must-have when working with two way radios. There are many different earpieces to choose from, it depends on what will suit your needs and your staff.

Earpieces give you the ability to use your two way radio quickly and with ease, perfect for emergency situations. 

There are also different shapes depending on what the user finds more comfortable or how discreet it needs to be. 

Security earpieces allow members of the team to hear communication clearer than from the radio speaker itself. They also allow members that don’t necessarily need the ability to communicate but need access to hear the constant communication.

Get your empty property security staff protected over Winter and enquire about POC radios and accessories today!

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