Why Two Way Radios Would Benefit Your Golf Club

With outdoor sports facilities having re-opened on Monday 29th, your golf club may still be trying to pick up from where you left off.

You want your business to be up and running smoothly, as quick as possible and we want that too. To aid in your process, check out these 5 reasons why two way radios would benefit your golf club and how we can partner together so that you have everything off to a tee.


Staying connected to all members of staff and being organised has never been easier. Multiple channel programming makes contact instant between all staff members at any given moment around your golf course. No matter if you’re holding a few club players or a tournament, by equipping your receptionist, caddies, greenkeepers, and other on-site staff with walkie talkies enables seamless communication.


Greenkeepers are readily accessible whilst out on the golf course in case of any emergencies. With the lone worker feature, you know your staff are safe at all times and able to relay feedback on course conditions throughout the day. This will also work for any other lone working staff that could face any on the job risks.


Health and safety is vital. Two way radios can create a faster, more effective response to emergency situations, weather conditions, and security issues.


In retail, you never want to hear the words ‘Out Of Stock’. Walkie talkies allow you to maximise sales and keep track of stock levels throughout the golf club. Contact the staff manning beverage carts, catering outlets, or club shop in an instant. The use of radios can have your club operating to full potential.


No signal whilst out on the golf course? We have the answer for that! Unlike personal mobile phones, a two way radio solution can help to combat coverage issues. 

That said, if mobile phones are your preferred method of communication and prove to work just fine, we have a solution coming for you!

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