The Insider #1 | 3M Peltor

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We felt it was important to show & celebrate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at 3MPeltor™ in order to keep the world of comms moving. From the manufacturers to the end-users, everyone plays a vital role in the industry. 

3M Company – The Conglomerate Giants

We sat down with 3M Peltor to kickstart our Insider series and talk all things business comms from product development to the latest trends in the industry. We delved into the world of 3M to find out exactly what their comms headsets have been doing to help get people through the last few months.

3M Peltor are no strangers to the radio comms industry and are seen as market pioneers offering a wide range of innovative products. Providing creative solutions to the world’s challenges – comms isn’t the only industry they positively impact.

First formed in the early 1900’s, 3M has seen growth into many different industries around the world, from Mining (their early beginnings) to the Pharmaceutical industry. Their famous 3M N95 respirator masks are the go-to for a number of health institutions globally. Not only during recent events, but through every major outbreak since their creation in 1972. 3M notably donated over 1,000,000 respirators to help combat the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Similar efforts have been made in recent months where they have doubled their normal output of N95 masks.

Last year 3M reported a whopping £24,435,238,500.00 ($32.14B) in revenue, a number that continues to rise year in year out – and it’s no surprise.

3M™ are committed to applying science in collaborative ways to improve lives globally. Over 90,000 of their employees connect with customers all around the world. 

How have the past few months been for 3M™?

Recent events have, of course, had a massive impact on every industry, some positive, some negative – all unexpected. 3M Peltor were no exception to this. They shared that since the beginning of the year there has been a major uptake in comms headsets.

The need for contactless communication solutions has seen a huge increase as employers look to reduce human interaction whilst keeping everyone connected. 

3M Peltor’s market leading Litecom range do exactly that; with a built in PMR446 radio and voice-controlled operation. Many factories, processing plants & manufacturing plants have realised there is a huge requirement for this technology to ensure safe & smooth operations.

Shouting across the noisy production line to your colleagues is no longer an option…

The Most Popular Ear Defenders in the World?

We asked if there were any competitors selling products similar to their popular comms headset range. As a 3M Peltor dealer for over 10 years, Peltor’s products have consistently been in demand – and with good reason. 

For over 50 years the 3M™ Peltor™ range have consistently been scientifically developed. They have the leading edge over newer faces to the market.  Many verticals including the Ministry of Defence depend on the quality of the 3M Peltor ear protection range. 

What can we Expect from 3M™ Peltor™?

We then asked what 3M Peltor had in store for the next few months and if there was anything we should be keeping an eye out for. Whilst some information sadly remains for 3M Peltor ears only, we were lucky enough to find out that the popular Litecom Plus is under development. We can expect to see a newer model release over the coming months. The latest version boasts a range of exciting new features that will (re!)set the bar for top-tier comms headsets. 

You can expect to see a lot of companies adopting 3M™ Peltor’s™ products over the next few months. Speak with our expert team and find out how they can help you.