Social Distancing Communication Solutions – Digitall Comms Leads The Way

3 Of The Best Social Distancing Communication Solutions For Your Business

Digitall Comms leads the way in answering the obvious questions that spring to the minds of the nation’s business owners.  Looking ahead to what the easing of lock down might look like Digitall Comms explains how simple social distancing communication solutions can help your business stay alert & stay safe at this time.

Will it be safe to return to work?

How will social distancing affect how I run my business?

At the turn of the new year/new decade when all around people were shouting of a year of 20/20 vision – I think we can all agree we didn’t see this coming!  A few months ago we had never used the phrases lock down and social distancing in our everyday conversations. Now as the nation looks ahead with optimism, let’s take a look at how the next phase of lock down might affect your business and what the best communications solutions might be to support you through this time.

Making your business social distancing safe

The workplace brings people together, whether you work in an office, on a building site or in a showroom, its true our colleagues become our work family.  Working closely as a team to meet the needs of the business makes operations run like a well-oiled machine. As much as everyone may be eager to return, your staff need to know that you are keeping them safe.

If the first step back looks like a smaller team of key workers, helping them to communicate whilst staying at a safe distance will call for fresh ways of working. Likewise, if you have a manufacturing plant and need all hands to the pump you will need to think of new ways to make this happen.  Social Distancing Communications Solutions may be the answer.

Lead the way in your business as we look toward social distancing in the workplace

Now that social distancing measures will be introduced in the workplace as the restrictions are eased, will it be possible for you to operate as efficiently as before? I’m guessing the answer is huge No, or at least not without making changes to the way your business currently works.

For efficient production outputs, your team will inevitably need to communicate and interact with each other. It is essential that you lead the way that the help they need is accessible in order to keep workers safe whilst also staying connected.

Business Communication Devices will help keep your workforce & customers safe and ensure your efficiency levels are maintained.

Simply, a revised communications system could be the easiest way for you to implement those changes in your workplace.

Digitall Comms Partners with Businesses Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Social Distancing Communication solutions give your staff the ability to speak directly with each other in any area of the business from a safe distance at the push of a button, without a heavy outlay.

Digitall Comms has been helping the nations businesses for many years, providing bespoke communications systems to improve safety and production, whilst aiming to fulfil the unique requirements of each customer.

Do You Have a Reliable Communications Partner to Guide Your Business Through These Times?

Our clients have continued to rely on us to provide expertise in these times. With those who have implemented the necessary systems; team members feel confident they can speak with their colleagues whilst posing no risk to anyone’s well being and managers have reported that productivity has increased dramatically due to less distractions – overall team morale is at an all time high despite facing one of the most worrying situations of our times.

Stay Alert – Get Connected – Stay Safe

At this moment in time, no business owner wants to face the horrifying prospect of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. Making sure that your staff are safe and following government guidelines to ensure that the business faces no risk of closure due to re-infection is imperative.

What is a Business Communication Device

What do I mean by a business communication device?  Simply put, Digitall Comms have the solution to ensure your team is safe upon return to work.

If you agree that two way radios will be the best choice for you, we have a vast array of options available.  Two way radio hire is also available and have a huge selection of two way radios in our hire fleet should you require a temporary set-up until your exact communications needs are implemented.

As a second option, Digitall Comms can also provide Vocovo business headsets. The larger supermarkets & Co-op stores are already using Vocovo headsets which are proving to massively support the key workers in the fight against Covid-19.

Finally, our Poc Handsets offer a wider ranging communication device for teams that will continue to work remotely. Instant communication at the push of a button across the whole country to your whole team.

We have expertly picked out a selection of business communication devices that we believe will help you as a business owner navigate through the coming months.

If you would like Digitall Comms to partner with you to provide your team with the support they need, contact us today on 0330 088 7008.

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