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Specialist equipment packages for Security Guards, from Digitall Comms.

At Digitall Comms we have vast experience working with security teams to provide bespoke communication packages.

We offer a complete solution composed of Two-Way Radios, Body Worn Cameras, Protective clothing, POC Systems and Accessories that are tried, tested & approved by Security guards throughout the UK.


Why Two Way Radios?

Two way radios offer security teams a quick and effective communication method that means more time in the right location. With features such as ‘man down‘ and ‘lone worker‘ you can ensure the safety of your own team members whilst on the job.

We offer covert surveillance earpieces and body worn cameras to those needing something a little different. We have a wide choice of radio solutions for hire or purchase available. If you are covering a weekend event or a longer-term project, we can provide you with pre-programmed and ready to go devices.

We stock leading brands such as Motorola, Hytera & more. Speak with our expert team to find out more. 

Features for Security Guards

Two-way radio features we can offer to security teams

  • Group Calling
  • GPS Tracking
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Call
  • Secure Channels
  • Man Down
  • Covert Earpieces
  • Radio Encryption

Why Body Worn Cameras?

Professional body worn camera technology is an essential part of Security equipment,  firms are now adopting bodycams to improve personnel safety & confidence through the range of features that are available. 

Many cameras can now link in to your existing two-way radio system, they double up as a radio mic. Many devices also feature playback functions, forward or rear screens and control room software to save and edit the footage. 

Camera Features for Security

Body-worn Camera features for security guards

  • Live HD footage streaming
  • GPS Tracking
  • 3G/4G/WiFi Built-in
  • Emergency Call
  • Secure Channels
  • Up to 8 hours recording
  • Lightweight & Stylish
  • Range of compatible accessories

Protection, in every sense

Protective clothing for Security guards is becoming increasingly popular due to the rising violent crime statistics, in particular, knife crime.

The range of security guard equipment has grown over the years with firms now seeing access to vital tools to keep their personnel safe in the field. From stab vests to slash proof gloves, protective security equipment can give your staff the confidence to deal with any situation on hand. 

Protective Clothing for Security

Why protective clothing is essential security equipment

  • Extra protection from Violent Crime
  • Gives personnel extra confidence
  • Deterrent for Criminals
  • Hi-Vis vests increase visibility
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable (Removeable pockets, etc)
  • Variety of sizes (S – XXXXL)
  • Manufactured in the UK

Why POC? (Push-to-talk Over Cellular)

POC Radios (Push-to-talk over Cellular) are the next generation of Two-way radios. Whilst adopting the key features of it’s predecessor, POC boasts more in depth functions that are perfect for keeping your Security Guards safe.

POC solutions communicate using the Cellular network instead of UHF & VHF frequencies, the same technology that you would find in your mobile phone. This enables POC systems to communicate over much larger distances with no sacrifice in call quality or response time.

Features such as Man down, GPS tracking & Emergency call make POC devices essential Security equipment. 

POC Features for Security

Typical POC radio features suited for Security guards

  • Group Calling
  • GPS Tracking
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Call
  • Secure Channels
  • Man Down
  • Covert Earpieces
  • Radio Encryption

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