Healthcare Radio Communications


With many healthcare staff working unaccompanied it is essential to keep them in contact with other members of staff to ensure safety where they would usually feel alone and isolated. For healthcare workers we provide analogue and license free two way radios to create communication and productivity throughout the team.

Why are Two Way Radios essential for the healthcare industry?

  • Creates instant communication between all staff members.
  • Ensures safety for staff working alone as they can be constantly in touch with other workers.
  • In an emergency all members off staff can be alerted and the problem can be quickly resolved.
  • Increases productivity throughout the team.
  • Provides a feeling of security for both staff and patients.
  • Lone worker and Man Down feature on digital two way radios for staff working alone and security patrol staff.

Two Way Radio Hire

Radio hire offers an inexpensive solution for short or long term projects. Complete communication solutions provided – handheld radios, mobile radios and repeaters as required.

Flexible radio hire packages available please contact our technical support team to discuss your options.

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