Two Way Radios for Hazardous Environments

Construction Radio Communications are an important asset in ensuring safety and productivity on the construction site. When employees are constantly moving and carrying heavy material and equipment it is vital that the Two Way Radios are reliable. Construction Two Way Radios are made to meet military standards – IP67 rated with a resistance to water and dust to guarantee durability.


For those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts, safety is crucial. Where using regular radios could be unsafe.The recommended industry standard radios are intrinsically safe, ATEX, products.
Where using regular radios could be unsafe. Keeping sites running safely is a constant challenge to those in the industry, and the ability to communicate effectively, immediately and safely is of utmost importance.

 Atex Two Way Radios 

  • In order for the workers to stay safe whilst communicating they need to use Atex Two Way Radios which have extremely high safety standards.
  • The intrinsically safe, ATEX, PD795Ex (digital) and the TC700Ex (analogue) work safely in most hazardous environments even with the presence of hydrogen and dust particles. Both products provide an emergency button. In case of any accident, a press on the button will trigger an alarm and initiate a voice call to a pre-programmed work fellow or group.
  • The PD795Ex complies with the latest military standard, which means it can bear the harshest environments like High/Low Temperature, High Humidity, Vibration, and Shock.

Recommended Radios

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