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VoCoVo ‘Connect’ System

Take your VoCoVo team communications to the next level with VoCoVo ‘Connect’ System. Connect more users and integrating handsets, call points and key pads. The “CONNECT” system is powered by VoCoVo’s controller, the “brain” which underpins the workflows outside of the normal conference. A controller can also handle multiple conferences if there are individual teams requiring separate talk groups.

A VoCoVo ‘Connect’ System can accommodate in excess of 30 users and handle commands from call points and talk points. The smart unit is designed to easily integrate with existing communication racks and can provide high-level customer connectivity through PBX integration and business intelligence through certain third-party applications.

The VoCoVo ‘Connect’ System connects employees and their customers with instant communications, transforming business through the magic of voice.

A standard system would include:

  • VoCoVo controller
  • VoCoVo base units
  • VoCoVo repeaters
  • VoCoVo headsets
  • VoCoVo handsets
  • VoCoVo call points
  • VoCoVo keypads

Optional additions:

  • VoCoVo remote portal integration*
  • PBX integration
  • Business intelligence application integration

*requires ongoing licence

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, save money, better serve customers, or help staff feel more connected, VoCoVo solutions make it happen.

VoCoVo is a modular solution, allowing you to add new business communication handsets as your business grows.

The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’.
Their handsets can also integrate with telephony, allowing employees to take calls outside of the office.

VoCoVo In Action
The Sussex Exchange, an eco-friendly bar, cinema and conferencing venue, now runs as one fully connected team thanks to the simple integration of VoCoVo Communications System headsets.

Engage with VoCoVo as your technology partner to deliver innovative team communication solutions that improve efficiency, drive sales, and transform business operations. Our focus is on empowering colleagues and enhancing the customer experience through instant voice communications.