Vertex Standard Motorola EVX-S24

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Compact and Discreet
Water Submersible and Dust Proof
Digital to Analog Integration
Direct Mode
Transmit Interrupt
Better Radio Call Quality
Better Message Control and Privacy
Site Search


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Vertex Standard Motorola EVX-S24

The EVX-S24 is a compact and precision-engineered two-way radio, it is designed to deliver value without sacrificing quality. The EVX-S24 is the Vertex Standard smallest, water submersible digital mobile radio. Thanks to its compact shape it is the right choice for any market that values convenience and size, such as retail, education and hospitality.
The EVX-S24 is water submersible and completely dust proof. (It meets international standard IP67). It is protected from immersion in water up to 3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes and offers complete protection from dust.
The EVX-S24 operates in both analog and digital modes and can can be used with any existing analog two-way radios. Direct mode enables you to have two communication paths on a single frequency effectively doubling your call capacity without the need of a repeater. The EVX-S24 “transmit interrupt” functionality allows an operator to halt any current transmission, in favor of a priority message. Digital eliminates noise and static from voice transmit to only deliver the intended voice message crisply and clearly. The EVX-S24 digital radio features AMBE+2™ vocoder for enhanced voice quality.
The EVX-S24 digital radio have a unique ID enabling users to select who they need to call or send a text message without including others. Move between multiple sites seamlessly by using the Site Search functionality on your EVX-S24 radio. Manually or automatically initiate Site Search to identify the signal of the closest site with the strongest signal strength. The EVX-S24 portable will dynamically change its pre-programmed home site to the site with the strongest signal in range. Great for operations with multiple locations or buildings with multiple floors.

Package contains: radio body, antenna, 2300 mAh Li-Ion battery, rapid charger, belt clip, accessory socket dust cover, user guide.

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Weight 0.22 kg
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Vertex Standard EVX-S24 – Black, Vertex Standard EVX-S24 – Yellow

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