Kenwood TK-3000

Kenwood TK-3000

The Kenwood TK-3000 compact radio is easy to handle and operate, whilst providing reliability and meeting the MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications. With its well-balanced performance, it makes perfect business sense – especially for inventory control and service industry operations.


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Kenwood TK-3000

Key Features:

  • Slim, thin and lightweight
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications
  • 16 channels
  • QT/DQT signalling
  • Programmable function key
  • IP54 dust and water protection
  • VOX ready
  • Priority Scan
  • Windows® Programming and Tuning
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth
  • Battery-Saver
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Time-Out-Timer
  • Low-Battery Alert
  • Tri-Colour LED
  • Wired Clone

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Antenna Options

KRA-26M2 Antenna (TK-2000T), KRA-27M Antenna (TK-3000T)

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    DISCONTINUED – This product has now been discontinued and replaced with the Kenwood ProTalk TK-3401DT

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    Package contains: radio, instruction manual, belt clip, rapid charger, Li-Ion Battery

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