Kenwood NX-820E Mobile Radio, 5-25W, LCD, Emergency Call

The Kenwood NX-3720-3820 is the replacement for the Kenwood NX-820E Mobile Radio, 5-25W, LCD, Emergency Call View replacement

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Kenwood NX-820E

The Kenwood NX-820E advanced mobile radio has the ability to interact seemlessly with any range of Kenwood licensed radio equipment. The NX-820E features 5-25W power output, 10-character Alphanumeric LCD, large channel capacity, FM Conventional mode & NXDN Digital Scrambler.

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Kenwood NX-820E

Key Features:

  • 5-25W power output
  • 10-Character Alphanumeric LCD
  • Large Channel Capacity – 260 Channel / 128 Zone
  • NXDN™ Digital Air Interface
  • 6.25 & 12.5 kHz Channels (Digital)
  • Digital Conventional / Trunking mode
  • FM Conventional Mode
  • NXDN™ Digital Scrambler
  • FleetSync®/FSII Compatibility
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • Emergency Call Features
  • Variety Of Scan Features
  • Transparent Data Feature

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