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GPS antenna suitable for Autocab D21/Sigma/Alpha dataheads available at Digitall Comms. A wide selection of antennas, radios & taxi solutions available please call 01274 602504 or email now.

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GPS Antenna, 3 Meter Cable, SMA (M) RF Connector – Right Angle Key

Specifications/Special Features: Configuration:

RF cable: RG174, diameter: 2.7mm (+/-0.1), black Cable length: 3m (+/-5)

RF connector: SMA (M)

Antenna: Frequency range: 1575.42MHz (+/-1.023) Gain: 90o: 2.0dBi minimum 20o: -5.0dBi minimum Mounted on the 60 x 60mm ground plane Polarization: RHCP Axial ratio: 90o: 3.0dB maximum Mounted on the 60 x 60mm ground plane

LNA: Frequency range: 1575.42MHz (+/-1.023)

Gain: Minimum: 28dB Typical: 30dB, +25oC (+/- 5)

Noise figure: 5dB maximum, +25oC (+/- 5) 2dB maximum, +85oC

Out band rejection: 1575.42MHz +/-20MHz 7dB minimum +/-30MHz 12dB minimum +/-50MHz 20dB minimum +/-100MHz 30dB minimum

Output impedance: 50 ohms

Output VSWR: 2.0 maximum

Total specifications (through the antenna, LNA, cable and connector) Frequency range: 1575.42MHz (+/-1.023) Gain: At 90o 34dBi (+/-4.5) – cable loss (note: 1) Mounted on the 60 x 60mm ground plane Output impedance: 50 ohms VSWR: 2.0 maximum

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