The Insider | Introduction

Looking Back

What a year it’s been! – Way back then when we had no choice but to stop and pause a while, our campaigns for business comms solutions were placed on hold and instead substituted for spending an abundance of quality time with our nearest and dearest. We cheered as Captain Tom Moore finished his 100th lap of his garden raising over 32 million pounds for our NHS, we flocked to our  gardens armed with deckchairs & sun tan lotion as the country enjoyed the spring heatwave…. Our planet had a chance to breathe for a moment, and so did we.

Looking Ahead

And although it is said, a change is as good as a rest, we are thrilled to be back to the old routine! Something new and insightful from our team as we get back to business is (drum roll please….)

The Insider: An insight into the business comms industry

We hope it to be a light hearted chat (if you like) with the communications industry key players to offer a glance into what is happening for them in current times, the stand out products that are proving to be invaluable business comms solutions and hopefully a sneak peek into what lies ahead.

We hope you will join us as we provide industry news.  The Insider will be a series of blog posts giving you a direct link to some of the industries leading brands, what the current trends are, latest news & *maybe* a behind the scenes look at the emerging products in development.

We will ask the burning questions so you don’t have to!

First up… we will be kickstarting The Insider with none other than industry giants 3M Peltor, talking all things comms headsets and finding out what’s been happening at 3M Peltor in recent months.

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