Retail Radio Communications

Two-Way Radios For Shopping Centres and Retailers

Two-way radios are the ideal way to stay connected across stores, shopping centres, high streets and out of town shopping villages.
Radio communications allow quick, easy and a discreet way to stay connected with colleagues, security teams and site operations.

Using two-way radios in a retail setting can:

  • Reduce communication time between the whole team, improving efficiency
  • Get urgent messages to many people at once
  • Provide additional security, sharing information discreetly and quickly
  • Reduce time spent checking in with stock rooms or security hubs
  • Gives peace of mind for lone workers
  • Be an integral part of a lockdown or evacuation procedure improving the safety for all
  • Increase productivity
  • Improved customer service

Our two-way radios offer you everything you need for a shopping centre or retail communications solution.


Man Down Functionality Lone Worker
GPS and Dispatch Software Licence-Free Options
Emergency Call Options Analogue and Digital Devices
Lightweight Easy To Use
Body Cameras PoC Devices
 Repeaters Servicing
Available to Hire or Buy UHF and VHF Frequencies
Accessories Pre-programmed

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