Two Way Radios for Events & Festivals

At Digitall Comms we have a vast experience working with Events & Festivals to provide bespoke communication solutions. We offer a full range of two-way radios and accessories that will work well for all event settings.

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Two way radios offer events and festivals a quick and effective communication method that means more time in the right location. With features such as ‘man down‘ and ‘lone worker‘ you can ensure the safety of your own team members whilst on the job.

Digitall Comms are event radio hire experts. We have extensive experience of providing two-way radio communications to all event types. We have packages that are perfect for large scale festivals, sporting events, or indoor conferences. They come pre-programmed to work with any existing radios on site, and are fully charged, so you can be ready to go out of the box.

Features for Events & Festivals

Two Way Radios are a necessity for any events & festival organisers. Our radio fleet come with the following features:

  • Group Calling
  • GPS Tracking
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency Call
  • Secure Channels
  • Man Down
  • Covert Earpieces
  • Long Distance Radios

Specialist Security Worldwide

“We had originally decided to use Digitall Comms due to being local to us.

I am so glad we did as the service and expertise they provide is more than above what anyone can expect.

Even at last minute, they have never failed us. So Thank you

I am more than happy to recommend Digitall Comms to any potential client.”

Steve Dailey

Hire Two Way Radios

Short to Long term hire available – Engineer Installation available – Free site survey – Free demos – Free Trials

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Our hire promises

  • Expert Technical Advice
    If you are unsure of your exact requirements, fill out our hire enquiry form and our experts can guide you through your options
  • Pre-Programmed Radios
    All equipment can be fully programmed to work alongside your existing equipment or technical requirements
  • Competitive Rates
    We offer competitive rates and flexible rental periods
  • Reliable Equipment
    Choose from our wide range of high standard equipment, with a quality check guarantee by our technical experts
  • Ease of Use
    As standard, we arrange a courier delivery and collection for you – no obligation to print any labels or documents – we’ve got it covered.
  • Hassle Free Licence
    No need to worry about licenses, this is taken care of as part of your hire package
  • Customer Service and Support
    24/7 onsite and telephone support from our technical experts

Licensed vs License-free

License-free radios are a more cost effective alternative to licensed radios. Although this is the case, many events & festivals use Licensed Radios, as these radios are more secure and robust. Licensing means all communication via radios is private and on an encrypted channel, meaning other radios outside of your organisation are unable to listen in or interfere with your devices.

Speedy service & delivery

Whether you would prefer to hire or purchase, we have a variety of speedy shipping options to choose from: next day, pre 10:30, or pre 12 deliveries available. Collections are also available throughout the UK using our preferred courier company.

Licensed radios available to purchase
License-free radios available to purchase
Radio bundles available to purchase

Try before you buy

With our no obligation try before you buy scheme, you can test a variety of radios on your site before you decide to buy or hire from us. We can program the radios and arrange for OFCOM licences where needed too, making it even easier for you to get going.

With two-way radios on site, you will find that contacting all your event staff such as security, medics, safety stewards, and cleaners is much easier, ensuring effective safety of event attendees and communication between staff at the push of a button.

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Range of radios available to hire:

Digital Radio

  • We recommend Digital Radios for all events in particular medium-large events
  • Preprogrammed & licensed
  • Rugged digital two way radio
  • Batteries supplied fully charged
  • Single charger or multi-dock chargers available
  • Charger/charging block provided per device
  • Battery Life: approx 16 hours
  • Channels: 16
  • Range: up to 2 miles (dependent on environment)

Analogue Radio

  • We recommend Analogue Radios for smaller events
  • Preprogrammed & licensed
  • Rugged analogue two way radio
  • Batteries supplied fully charged
  • Single charger or multi-dock chargers available
  • Charger/charging block provided per device
  • Battery Life: approx 9 hours
  • Channels: 16
  • Range: up to 2 miles (dependent on environment)

PoC Radio

  • Smart phone with built in PTT Radio Button
  • Ideal for multi site/long distance communication
  • Instant Speak over 4G Network
  • No repeater required
  • GPS Tracking
  • Manage remotely from PC
  • Rugged build
  • Batteries supplied fully charged

ATEX Radios

  • Ideal for Hazardous Environments
  • Rugged Build
  • Integrated GPS
  • Batteries supplied fully charged
  • Battery Life: approx 6 hours
  • Channels: 16
  • Range: up to 2 miles (dependent on environment)

Bodyworn Video Cameras

  • HD Recording
  • Acts as an external witness
  • Protect your lone workers
  • Works as a speaker mic with Radios
  • Compact & Long Battery Life

Hire Selection

How many do you require?

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Radio Repeater

A repeater is used to increase the distance of the radio signal range. Our repeaters come complete with suitable aerial.

  • Our repeaters can be mounted on tables & walls to increase coverage inside a building
  • They can be used inside vehicles for road events
  • If needed, can be fitted with protective casing so can be used outdoors
  • One model can even be supplied with a carry bag, ideal for bike/fell races
  • Battery Life: approx 8 hours
  • Channels 16
Price: £50/week (included aerial)

Repeater Required?

Do you need any Radio Accessories?

Push To Talk D-Shaped Earpieces

Price: 50p/week

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Spare Batteries

Price: £1/week

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Security Earpieces

Price: 50p/week

Number of Security Earpieces Required

Remote Speaker Mic

Price: £4/week

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Carry Cases

Price: £1/week

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Why Digitall Comms?

  • Over 30 years expert industry knowledge
  • Thousands of radios shipped to various industries including events, production companies, construction, schools
  • Fast delivery available on all products
  • Major UK two-way radio supplier
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Authorised dealers of leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood and Icom

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