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Protect your workforce with video evidence

Professional body Cameras are proven to prevent attacks, act as an independent witness & are more effective at recording evidence than CCTV

Video Body Cameras Digitall Comms

HD Video 1080P
Instant Playback + Pre Record Functions

Remote Speaker Mic
Pairs up with radios as a PTT speaker mic

Compact Design
Compact Size & Simple to use

Long Battery Life
8-9 hours battery life

Professional body camera technology is more accessible and less costly than you think. With many cameras linking to your existing two-way radios, they double as a radio mic. With playback functions, forward or rear screens and control room software to save and edit the footage, body cams are an effective way to upgrade your communication systems for the safety of your colleagues & customers.

VM 785 Body Camera

Hytera VM780 

VM780 is a powerful RVM body camera. Not only does this lightweight design, capture, store and share videos but also can use 3G/4G/Wifi to perform video dispatch. The body-worn camera also integrates with remote speaker microphone.

1080P HD Video
216° rotatable lens

3G/4G/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth built-in

GPS Accurate Location Tracking

Hytera VM550D

VM550D has 2” display, allowing users to playback the video instantly and has a low light feature allowing better quality footage. This video body camera also has a built-in backup battery.

2.4″ Touch Screen Display

1080P HD Video

3G/4G/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth built-in

7+ hours of continuous use

Hytera VM685 Body Camera

Hytera VM685

VM685 camera can rotate 180 degrees in 1080 HD video. Viewing evidence is password protected. The security body camera videos can be encrypted with H.264 encoding.

2″ Touch Screen Display

1080P HD Video

3G/4G/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth built-in

7+ hours continuous battery life

Hytera VM550

VM550 is the entry-level video body camera out the range, but still offers 1080p HD video and remote speaker microphone. It is rugged, compact and lightweight

2″ Touch Screen Display

1080P HD Video

3G/4G/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth built-in

7+ hours continuous battery life

Hytera VM550 Video Body Worn Camera
Hytera Video Worn Cameras


Smart Mobile Device Management

Smart MDM collects and stores digital evidence from the RVM’s via Multi-Unit Charger. With intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), you can review, manage and share data simply and efficiently from your pc.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Management platform collects and stores the digital evidence on a secure network. Easily find data by tagging an evidence file and find it later through a key word search. For extra data security, manage customised permissions to different users.

Smart MDM Software Overview

Here’s a quick video to give you an overview about the Hytera Smart MDM solution and why it is an important tool for managing data captured using Hytera devices.

Body Camera Memory Configuration Options:

Memory Record Time (HD) Record Time (Standard) 
16GB 02:50 05:18
32GB 05:40 10:36
64GB 11:20 21:12
128GB 22:40 42:24

Video Body Camera Demo Kit

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Body worn cameras have proven highly effective at reducing attacks on security staff

A body worn camera acts as an independent witness to any security staff working on their own

Proven to reduce complaints from the public, prevent false claims & accusations 

The HD 720P/1080P Video Recording on the Body cameras are more effective than traditional CCTV cameras

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