Why Are Bodycameras Important – 5 Reasons Why

Why Are Bodycameras Important – 5 Reasons Why


Bodycameras continue to grow in popularity and increasingly showing up in more front-line industries than just security and police. Your question may be why are body cameras important? Furthermore, how will they benefit my business?

Here are 5 benefits that could help your business:


Safety First

Solve all incidents quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-use communication system. A body camera’s presence acts as a deterrent to theft and retail violence in the workplace. Hence, limiting the use of force. The public is known to act differently on cameras, no matter the occasion. Including bodycameras.

On the whole, a bodycam can make staff feel safe and confident at work. Capturing all that they see.


Training Purposes

Bodycameras footage recorded can be stored, re-watched, and shared making it ideal for training purposes. Using bodycam footage of incidents or procedures can show the staff visually within situational examples. This way you can create your own training courses which can be beneficial to new or existing staff members.


Bodycameras Allow Time Saving

Saving time is vital within any business. Bodycameras can save time gathering information, paper work, and locating staff. With built-in GPS, being able to locate any staff member keeps everyone running efficiently and safely. For instance, if it is an emergency situation or general day-to-day duties.


Reputation Management

Bodycameras improve accountability. They help staff members prove their professionalism or innocence when faced with a difficult situation. The footage they capture is irrefutable evidence. The use of bodycams shows responsibility, responsibility gains a positive reputation.


Bodycameras Features Available

Not only can a bodycam help outside the software, but its features add much more to the experience.

From one-push emergency button, 7+ battery life, high IP ratings. Additionally, bodycams feature night vision whilst capturing audio alongside video footage. There are models available that allow live streaming, making it easier to keep an eye on all staff members. Body cameras come with video management software, making it easier to securely store video and manage content.


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