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Push to Talk Over Cellular Radio

Push to Talk Over Cellular Radios

The DIGIPTT radios combine the convenience of the two-way radio and the wide coverage of cellular networks, with an extensive range of Handheld PTOC and Mobile PTOC radios to suit any need.

DIGIPTT is a PTT over cellular (PTOC) solution provided by Digitall Comms aimed at customers who are looking for a simple yet effective communications solution without the restraints of normal 2 way radio range.

Many organisations have employees who need to stay in regular contact with each other throughout the day. The new DIGIPTT products ensure this can be easily done with a push of a button, offering instant communication either on a one-to-one basis (private call) or as a broadcast to a group of people (group call), either from the handsets or the dispatcher software regardless of their location. The two way radio design makes contacting each other easy, quick and efficient. especially the instant tracking feature which allows the dispatcher software to display where your workforce is located.

DIGIPTT offers many benefits over using standard mobile phones. The DIGIPTT enhances efficiency and productivity of the workforce as there is no need to dial telephone numbers. The handsets can be tailored to your specific needs, we can arrange for messages to be broadcasted to specific contacts (one-to-one) or groups/teams.

Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios

How Push To Talk Over Cellular (POC) Works

PTOC is an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) PTT standard service, delivered over a moblie telephone and Wi-Fi network. The service utilises the database and requires a data enabled SIM card or Wi-FI connection to work. The SYMPOC service provides two-way radio communication in wide-area setups without the need for additional infrastructure. SYMPOC provides a high-end mobile application on your dedicated radio handset or smartphone. Sympoc – Push To Talk Over Cellular allows you create private channels and groups to allow instant group communications without boundaries, to members of your private group. Using your in app contact list you can call either all the members or just select one or two of the contacts and create an adhoc one to one or smaller group. Chat Groups, as the owner of a Chat group you can decide to have the chat group always on to allow members to share communication or messages instantly with each other no need to “call” just speak and everyone in the CHAT session will hear the call or see the message. Location and Tracking, by using in application tracking you can instantly share your location with each other or via a PC dispatcher station.

Benefits of Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTOC)

Connectivity and applications are at the heart of modern communications. Live instant communication is what people demand: not just voice services, but real-time user information, content management and workflow systems are all available with SYMPOC.

Tools & Usability

TalkGroups & Messages

Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios

 Create private channel and groups for communication without barriers - called "TalkGroups".

 Group calls.

 Preset messaging.

 Increase team's situational awareness by sending messages with images, video and audio clips.

 Creat incident groups so response teams can quickly and easily share content.

 Collaborate & share information across oraganisation.

 Ideal for public safetly, transportation & private organisations.

Push To Talk Over Cellular PTOC Radios

Mapping with Real-Time Awareness

SYMPOC SY6 Push to Talk Radio

 At a glance, know the location of your team, whether they are carrying aradio or smartphone.

 Reduce map clutter and distraction by selecting layers of data to see different work teams or resources.

 Message, PTT or call individuals or groups for PTT and messaging.

 Personalise maps with your own specific data content.

 Multiple location services, supporting GPS, BDS, GLONASS.

 Instant Informed Communication


Dispatcher Software

The DigiPTT Desktop Dispatcher Software is for office-based employees to communicate with those who are field based using a PC. The messages can also be sent either one-to-one or to a group or team. The Software can also be used to manage the location of staff with real-time tracking of the handsets increasing safety of staff and a quicker response to emergency situations.
Other functionality of the DigiPTT includes Lone Worker, Call & Messaging Logs, Alarm Handling, Group Calls, Preset Messages, Emergency signals and many more.

Push To Talk Over Radio Dispatch Sofetware

Push To Talk Instant Quote


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