Tait T2010 Hi Band 136-174Mhz - Reconditioned

Tait T2010 Hi Band 136-174Mhz including data board- Reconditioned These used radios are all in excellent condition, and come complete with mic, bracket and power lead. They are ideal for use with Autocab and Auriga data systems, and come complete with 3 month warranty., and include data board modifications.
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The Tait T2010 is a 4 channel conventional mobile with DCS/CTCSS tones for call privacy. Data capable, It also features channel scanning, to ensure your calls are not missed and has a rugged construction for durability. The T2010 is a simple to use yet powerful conventional mobile radio. FEATURES Channel Scanning: monitors all channels Comprehensive Signalling: allows groups on same channel to speak in private Band Switching: operates accross frequency range without any need for tuning Busy Channel Lockout: prevents interference with other users by limiting transmission Integral Speaker: for clear audio in noisy areas Economy Mode: saves battery power Easy To Use For information on the benefits of Tait TM8110 please call 01274 602504 or email info@digitall-comms.co.uk
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