Vehicle Tracking

Interated Vehicle Tracking System

Integrated Vehicle Tracking Systems

We have Integrated Vehicle Tracking systems in hundreds of company vehicles, to help improve bottom line by driving down fleet operating costs. Integrated Vehicle Tracking Systems help Improve fleet productivity (so increasing revenues), and provide automation to back office operations. Our systems are easy-to-use internet based application, that provide everything you need to improve your fleet's efficiency.

Vehicle Tracking


Live, Real time tracking

Locate all your vehicles 24/7 using detailed street level, satellite and hybrid maps.


Real-time Alerts

Automatic notification of unauthorised vehicle activity - such as speeding, out of hours usage, or visiting restricted locations. Alerts can be set to monitor any vehicle input - for example cargo temperature, door open/closed, ignition or vehicle alarm status. Alerts can also be configured to trigger when vehicles enter and leave defined areas (geofences). All alerting features can be time-based, thus respecting employee privacy. They can be delivered via screen "pop-up", email or SMS to an unlimited number of recipients.


Historical Tracking

All fleet activity data is freely and easily accessible with our unique fleet management solutions. This allows for easy review of vehicle movements and activities whether to resolve disputes, provide proof of service or reconcile time sheets.

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