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Taxi Aerial Installations

Taxi Aerial Installation

Taxi Aerial Installation

Digitall Comms specialise in Tax Aerial Installation & Aerial Rigging. Servicing of Taxi Base Aerial systems for Taxi companies. We have over 30 years experience in this industry and are renowned as being the people to call for Taxi Aerial Services.

We can offer solutions for all types of aerial systems and services, from wall mount installations, chimney mounts, guyed masts, to aerial heightening. Whatever your aerial needs we can help, and will be more than happy to help you from the design stage through to completion.

We also offer a radio coverage prediction service which will allow you to investigate the potential coverage from different aerial locations and heights. This along with our expertise in Radio Communications means we are the number one choice for companies looking for expert help within the Taxi industry.

We regularly complete installations for the major Data System suppliers throughout the UK such as Autocab and Auriga, and have a customer base throughout the whole of the UK.


Recent Installations

Please see below a sample of some of our recent installations:

Taxi Aerial Installation

Taxi Aerial Installation


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