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Call Recording Systems for Business - Powered by Liquid Voice 


Digitall Comms are an approved reseller and installer for Liquid Voice recording solutions.



Effective and economical call recording systems

The Call Recording Solution for Small to Medium Sized Businesses powered by Liquid Recording Business is a scalable telephone call recording solution.

It has been designed specifically for those small to medium sized businesses who are aiming to deliver a more professional and effective service by:

• cataloguing customer interactions
• maintaining a record of communication
• achieving compliance
• indemnifying against costly disputes
• improving training

For businesses wishing to record between 2 and 60imultaneous calls at individual locations, Liquid Recording Business offers extension searching, call logging and quality monitoring options.



Key System Features

• Own recording access -users can be granted access to listen to their own or a list/ group of nominated extensions
• Manual and automated tagging of calls
• Team, individual and extension searches
• Fully integrated call management
• Quality assurance options
• Customisable wallboard displays
• AES encryption - for additional security
• PCI compliant 

Solution Benefits

• Helps you achieve regulatory compliance
• Delivers quality monitoring
• Improves operational performance
• Protects your business and employees
• Provides invaluable evidence of transactions
• Aids dispute resolution

Technical Data

• Supplied on tower or redundant rack mountable server
• Minimum capacity for 35,000 hours of audio
• Professionally installed
• Full training provided
• Max ISDN30/ Server - 2
• Max Handsets/ Server - 60
• Max IP Calls/ Server - 60
• Max ISDN2e Channels/ Server - 60


About Liquid Voice

Liquid Voice recording solutions

Liquid Voice is a leading provider of integrated Call Logging, Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, Workforce Optimisation and CTI systems that can help improve operational performance, deliver compliance, safeguard the enterprise and provide invaluable management information.

Liquid Voice is a UK operation, based in Leeds. All sales, support and technical development teams are based in the UK and therefore easily and readily accessible to our UK based customers.


Digitall Comms are an approved reseller and installer for Liquid Voice recording solutions.



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