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Service & Support

two way radio repair and maintenance service
Here at Digitall-Comms we recognise the importance of reliable communications to our clients. We have a modern, well-equipped service facility with qualified technicians to ensure that after sales support and preventative maintenance is available to all of our clients.

Our service team is dedicated to professional delivery of a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

• Equipment Commissioning and Installation
• Radio Repair
• Radio Programming
• Customer Training
• Batteries Restoring
• Preventative Periodic Maintenance
• Project Management
• Consultancy Services

Our technical support department has many years experience and can support many manufacturers such as Motorola,Tait, Simoco, Icom, Kenwood, etc.

We welcome the opportunity to extend the experience of our technical staff to the benefit of our clients and have built many successful partnerships throughout these relationships.

Customer Testimonial:

Kineton Music Festival - Radio Hire Testimonials

"I worked with Digitall-Comms Ltd for a number of months in 2016 whilst investigating, designing and installing a radio communications system within vehicles provided to a customer by Terberg DTS. The system required was subject to a number of constraints and security considerations and had to be installed and a comprehensive test carried out prior to final customer approval.

Whene I approached 3M Peltor for equipment, I was introduced to Mark Gallon from Digitall-Comms Ltd. Mark proved to be extremely helpful, assisting both my customer and me in understanding the technical constraints and the capabilities of various radio systems. Furthermore, he designed and produced a cost effective, technically compliant and user friendly solution that met my customer's requirement. During this period, Digitall-Comms visited both our site and my customer's base on a number of occasions, they provided loan equipment for trial and when the first installation was carried out, Mark was there to troubleshoot and assist if required. This approach allowed me to successfully complete the project by November 2016 as required by my customer.

Digitall-Comms Ltd have proved to be Knowledgeable, reliable and very professional throughout this project. My customer is delighted with the solution provided and I would have no hesitation in using them again for any other radio communications requirement."

A. Donald -

Taxi Equipment Repair

Taxi Equipment Repair

Our technical team is also highly skilled in repairing radios manufactured by all leading brands and all Autocab equipment:


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