Radio Hire Packages

Two-way Radio Hire Packages

Two Way Radio Hire Packages


All depending on your short term, medium term or long term hire needs we can supply packages using a combination of the following:


•   Hand portable units
•   In-vehicle units
•   Desktop Base Stations
•   Repeater Stations
•   Charging units
•   Mobile 25m (80ft) Trailer Mast
•   Headsets, earpieces and other related accessories


We pride ourselves on giving you the best service to exceed your expectations. Let the team at Digitall Comms eliminate the hassle of of your on site communications.  Whether you need the two way radio hire for a weekend event or for long term projects we can offer two way radio hire packages that are perfect for your needs.



What is included in Two-Way radio packages? 


Dependent on your requirements you can expect to receive any of the following equipment in your package:


•   Two Way Radio Handsets – Analogue or Digital whichever is best for you
•   Chargers – We will always include enough charging equipment per handset, unless you have a short term event that will not require recharging
•   Headsets – As standard in our pricing we include a D shape or Surveillance headsets with PTT Mic for every handset, if these are not required please advise and we will leave them out of your package
•   Mains extension leads – For larger short term two way radio hires that have a lot of charging equipment we will try our best to include extension leads to make your life easier
•   Spare batteries – As required we can also provide spare batteries for your hire and are usually provided at 50% ratio to the amount of handsets required 



This is an example package:


•   2no. Mobile Two Way Radio
•   1no. Repeater – Analogue or digital for wide area communications
•   2no. Fist mics, headsets with boom mic, carry cases (Many other accessories are available)

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