Radio Hire FAQ

Radio Hire FAQ

Walkie Talkie Hire - Common questions and answers




Q: How do I Hire?

A: Contact Digitall Comms Ltd on either by phone 01274 602 504 or by email for an instant quotation.

Preferably with a Purchase Order provide the following information:

- Your company registration number so the usual credit checks can be made.
- Confirmation of the equipment required.
- Confirmation of hire dates.
- Full delivery address including contact name and mobile   number.
- Full collection address (if different).
- Full invoicing address including contact name and email address.

A confirmation email will be returned and the week prior to despatch an invoice will be forwarded for immediate payment.  Once you have used our services we are more than happy to offer standard payment terms of 30 days.

Should you be a newly incorporated company or have no financials lodged at Companies House additional identification may be sought.  If you are a company we may ask for a copy of your letterhead and if you are a sole trader we would need proof of address.  We would require a copy of your driving licence and a copy of either your bank statement or utility bill.  The radios would also need to be delivered to this address.



Q: Do you provide a delivery and collection service?


A: Yes, depending on the size of your order you can either:

- Have your order couriered to you
- We will deliver your order
- You can collect your order from us

Our standard courier service is next day before 12 noon Monday to Friday (weekend and before 10am deliveries can be arranged) for orders received before 12 noon the previous day. All orders have an address sticker for easy returns. We only use national, reputable and recognised courier services that operate throughout the UK.

Alternatively, larger or emergency orders can be delivered or collected by a member/s of our team and would quoted accordingly. Likewise, where a member/s of the Digitall Comms team are required for delivery and installation we will be happy to quote accordingly.

If you would prefer, you are more than welcome to collect your order directly from our UK office in Bradford, West Yorkshire.



Q: Do you offer an On-Site support service?


A: Yes, we offer a complete delivery and installation service that can include total on-site support throughout your event. Particularly useful for larger, system based installations leaving your team/s free to do other things.

Our team will install all the necessary equipment and be available for complete technical support. Our team can also book out all your equipment using our bespoke asset management software on your behalf so you know exactly what equipment has been allocated to each member of your team.

Having worked in the event industry for many years our experience and technical knowledge is second to none and is seen as a valued addition for a large number of our clients.

If you would like any more information regarding on-site support options we will be happy to discuss your requirements.



Q: Do you include chargers with the walkie talkie radio hire?


A: Yes, and the chargers don’t add any additional fees.



Q: How far do the hired walkie talkie radios transmit?


A: The range of walkie talkie radios are dependent on objects between transmitting/receiving radios. But usually, in urban areas the range is from around 1 - 2 miles and 2 - 3 miles in rural areas.



Q: Is a license required to hire your walkie talkie radios?


A: You do not need a license all equipment will be programmed to our existing license prior to despatch.



Q: What is your minimum/maximum walkie talkie radio hire time period?


A: Minimum: one day and the hire radios are available for as long as you require.



Q: Is there a difference between analogue and digital walkie talkie radios?


A: Yes. Analogue radios broadcasts as a continuous stream of electrical signals, which makes the transmissions easily interfered with by natural disturbances such as storms etc. But, analogue will still provide some kind of signal even when interfered with.

Digital radios don't send a continuous signal. When a digital signal experiences interference, the entire signal is lost. However, when the signal is present it is easier to tune into than analogue. Also, digital radios can reduce background noise and have a larger range.
For further information please click here



Q: What is included in my walkie talkie radio hire?


A: Your order will be specific dependent on your requirements.  This will be discussed at your consultation, for details of our standard hire package.

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