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Yapalong 4000 – Full Duplex Digital Mobile Intercom

From £230

Yapalong 4000 is a full-duplex radio, which means that you can talk and listen on the same channel simultaneously, and there is no need for push-to-talk buttons. It requires no base station or master, making the communication uniquely peer-to-peer.

The digital communication is real-time and also encrypted, while providing exceptional clarity for all users. With Yapalong 4000, up to 8 users can talk simultaneously with unlimited number of listeners. Several groups can join together, to create a larger group. It has a range of 300 – 900 meters and 10 hours talk-time and available in 900MHz (Americas, Australia, UK) and 800MHz (Europe, Asia, Africa) models. Yapalong 4000 is widely used by soccer, rugby, football and hockey professionals globally.

The product is used in many applications including sports, industrial operations, construction, event planning, camping, search and rescue, combat, firefighting, policing and much more.

The radios will be programmed for you before delivery, and they are completely licence free.