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Tait TM8110 Lo Band 66-88Mhz

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TAIT TM-8110 Lo Band 66-88Mhz

The Tait TM8110 mobile radios are reliable and high performance mobile radios. A popular radio within the Taxi Industry. Easy to integrate and to customize, each TM8110 mobile radio is ideal for voice and data communications. Even a simple system represents a long-term investment that can be adapted as your business needs evolve, the Tait TM8110 is ideal for your requirements.
Radio Features: 25W, 40W (UHF) and 50W (VHF) power output Voice and data capable Comprehensive Selcall functionality Built-in CTCSS/DCS Voice inversion scrambling

Package contains: radio body, standard microphone, U cradle installation kit.

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TAIT TM-8110 Lo Band 66-88Mhz

Key Features:

    • Easy-to-read display for fast channel selection
    • Four programmable function keys
    • Heavy duty microphone and built-in loudspeaker
    • Data capable – supports 1200/2400 baud FFSK as standard
    • Internal high speed data modem (12 kbps on NB channels/19.2 kbps on WB channels) (software option)
    • Type 99 (2-tone) decode
  • Four RF power levels
  • Full Selcall functionality
  • DTMF encoder
  • Low standby power consumption
  • MDC 1200 encode (software option)
  • Multiple auxiliary ports
  • Expansive internal options area
  • Direct connect GPS
  • Available only in VHF low band 66-88MHz

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