Motorola Wave LMR Gateway

£1,160.00 excl. VAT

This product is the LMR Gateway you will need to operate the full Wave system – this is a one off payment.

WAVE 5000 offers highly scalable, secure PTT (Push-to-talk) communications across radios, broadband networks and smart devices. The application is designed for medium to large sized businesses, public safety agencies and defence organisation. WAVE 5000 offers IT and feature rich software and best-in-class LMR integration.


A WAVE solution enables organisations to build interoperable, highly extensible and flexible PTT communication networks that connect and extend existing Motorola two-way radio systems to broadband networks and devices, anywhere. WAVE 5000 offers PTT communications between radios, smartphones, tablets and PCs from any location. The system can support up to 3000 similtaneous users with plans to increase this to 5000.

WAVE 5000 is a simple to install application and functionality is provided through a server. The server can be bought for the system or integrated into an existing network. The WAVE 5000 Server manages all communications between MOTOTRBO systems and broadband networks and devices, and maintains user credentials and configuration information for smartphone clients.

The WAVE 5000 application is highly scalable and can grow alongside your business. The system uses a wireline interface to integrate with a MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Plus and Linked Connect Plus radio systems. The application can integrate with a MOTOTRBO™ system but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution when radios are not required. The WAVE server manages all communications and saves all configuration credentials for the smartphone clients on the system.

• Extend reach to users outside the coverage of the users existing MOTOTRBO™ radio system to include PCs and modern devices
• The system can connect multiple two-way radio systems and remove barriers to communication interoperability and workforce collaboration.
• Enhanced choice for workers who cannot carry a MOTOTRBO™ handset
• Convenient and compact option to just carry a smart device and not an additional MOTOTRBO™ handset
• Offers higher levels of discretion to communicate with teams
• Increased flexibility for users that need to connect to a MOTOTRBO™ radio system or at a moment’s notice, anywhere. Particularly great for out of hours, out of office or emergencies
• Useful for temporary contractors or staff, who can be connected easily to a radio network for their project and then disconnected when completed, with the click of a button

WAVE 5000 Client Applications

Mobile Communicator
• Use an iOS or Android smart device and using a downloadable app, turn it into a PTT handset
• Instant, secure access to the radio network using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G
• Mapping, presence and channel activity monitoring
• Private, Group or Multi-Group Calls
• Secure Communications with each user having a unique log-in and password, AES-256 encryption between server and user device, audio, control & credentials all encrypted
• Text Messaging Between Users/Groups communication with WAVE users even when PTT is difficult
• Discreet Dark Software Interface
• Unique User Profile that is Password Protected
• Operates Over Any IP Network

Desktop Communicator
• Access PTT communications from desktop PC.
• Monitor, transmit and receive audio from multiple communication systems including two-way radio networks and telephones
• Ideal for support from headquarter workers, a communications centre or a remote location
• Intuitive, easy to use and runs on virtually any PC

Web Communicator
• Use a web browser to access your WAVE communication channels
• Ideal for users that travel or when users need access and are not at their own PC
• Communicator can manage more than 20 channels of secure, encrypted audio
• Secure access to WAVE processing and management functionality

Advanced Desktop Communicator
• Ideal for small to medium sized businesses that need to balance communication console abilities and performance with acquisition and operating costs
• Provides advanced VoIP dispatch features that users can use to manage hundreds of communication channels.
• Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be quickly patched together.
• Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give dispatchers a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes.

WAVE Communicator for Microsoft Lync & Sharepoint
• These advanced systems can be enhanced with a WAVE plugin that allows the WAVE communication channels to be displayed directly onto the desktop

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