Kenwood Network Interface Unit for the NXR-710/810 (KTI-3M)

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Kenwood KTI-3M

The KTI-3 network interface unit provides NXR-710/810 repeaters with the required Ethernet capability for configuring NEXEDGE Conventional IP networks and Voting systems.

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Kenwood KTI-3M

Key Features:

  • Enables IP Conventional Networking with the NXR-710/810 NEXEDGE Repeaters
  • Can mount inside the NXR-710/810 or stand-alone
  • IP Conventional Network Protocol is compatible with the NXR-700/800
  • Supports 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Ethernet connections
  • Upgradeable Firmware and FPU setting via IP Remote Access (Future option)

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