Icom IC-F51V / IC-F61V


Icom IC-F51V / IC-F61V

The Icom IC-F51V / IC-F61 radio is a waterproof VHF/UHF handheld PMR radio. While keeping the dust-tight, waterproof construction and compact style of the original IC-F51 series, the new IC-F51V/F61V has additional features including BTL amplifier, vibration alert, voice recorder and lone worker functions. These combined features open up the market for this product to the emergency services who need to use the radio as a radio pager with voice recorder and vibration alert functions, security companies that need lone worker and voice recorder functions or Industrial users who work in high noise environments and require loud audio with the BTL amp and vibration alert functions.

Package contains: BC152 desktop charger, BC01 charger adapter, BP227 LiIon battery, MB98 belt clip, antenna & handbook

Models: IC-F51V (VHF), IC-F61V (UHF).

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Icom IC-F51V / IC-F61V

Key Features:

  • Vibration alert function
  • 8 minute voice recorder
  • 700mW audio output
  • Lone worker function for remote check in
  • IP67, dust-tight and
  • waterproof protection
  • Most popular signalings built-in
  • BIIS 1200 Compatible
  • Mode dependent scan
  • Enhanced scanning
  • Compact body
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • 128 memory channels with 8 zones
  • Inversion type*1 voice scrambler built-in
  • Optional VOX headsets available
  • Optional GPS speaker-microphone
  • Power ON password
  • 8 DTMF autodial
  • Normal and priority scans
  • 2-step power saver and 2-step low battery beep
  • MDC 1200 mode programmable

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

IC-F51V – VHF 136-174Mhz, IC-F61V – UHF 400-470Mhz

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    It has the capability to work on a variety of existing radio systems and with the addition of an UT-126H “IDAS” 6.25kHz digital option board, an organisation has the capability to migrate to the latest digital technology. Together with the Icom IC-F3162/F4162 VHF/UHF advanced handheld transceiver series and the Icom IC-FR5100/IC-FR6100 digital repeater series can become an integral part of a sophisticated digital network.

    Package contains: HM152 hand microphone, OPC1194A DC power cable, key assign sticker, microphone hanger, mounting bracket and handbook.

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    Package contains: Main Body, BP­279 Li­Ion Battery pack, BC­213 Rapid desktop charger, BC­123S Charger adapter, MB­133 Belt clip, Antenna

    Models: IC-F1000 (VHF), IC-F2000 (UHF). Note: please check models IC-F1000S / IC-F200S for a display and 4-key keypad, or the IC-F1000T / IC-F200T for a full keypad version.

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    The Icom IC-F3162 / IC-F4162 is a VHF/UHF handheld analogue two way radio, including the latest digital technology (requires UT126H to upgrade to digital version). The IC-F3162 / IC-F4162 features built-in voice scrambler, lone worker, large capacity Li-Ion battery, VOX capability, multiple scanning, and 512 programmable channels with 128 zones.

    Package contains: BC160 rapid charger, BC145 charger adapter, BP232 LiIon battery, MB94 belt clip, antenna and handbook

    Models: IC-F3162S – VHF 4-Key keypad, IC-F3162T – VHF with full keypad, IC-F4162S – UHF 4-key keypad, IC-F4162T – UHF with full keypad.

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