Icom IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D

The Icom IC-F3400D/F4400D Series is the replacement for the Icom IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D View replacement

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Icom IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D – discontinued, please see alternatives

The Icom IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D handheld is a new radio series that combines a rugged, waterproof and dustproof construction with an in-built GPS receiver and IDAS dPMR digital technology. This makes it a highly versatile transceiver for those looking to improve communications and safety within their organisation.

IDAS is Icom’s digital platform, which provides users with many advantages, especially when operating on an ultra-narrowband 6.25kHz bandwidth, as it provides two distinct channels in each 12.5kHz slot, rather than one channel with two time slots. Other advantages of digital radio include much clearer audio transmissions, a larger coverage footprint that is audible to the edge of the transmission range and secure, encrypted communications. IDAS also offers a flexible migration path that allows organisations to upgrade to digital at a pace that suits them.

Package contains: BC160 rapid charger, BC145 charger adapter, BP232 LiIon battery, MB94 belt clip, antenna and handbook

Models: IC-F3262DS – VHF 4-Key keypad, IC-F3262DT – VHF with full keypad, IC-F4262DS – UHF 4-key keypad, IC-F4262DT – UHF with full keypad.

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Icom IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D – discontinued, please see alternatives

Key Features:

  • IDAS dPMR 6.25kHz Digital Technology
  • Built-in GPS Receiver*
  • Integrated Man Down Function*
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-tight Protection
  • 800mW (typ.) Loud Audio Output
  • New 14-pin Accessory Connector
  • 5-Tone CTCSS, DTCS Encoder/Decoder Built-in**
  • MDC 1200 and BIIS 1200 Compatible**
  • Basic LTR Trunking
  • 512 Memory Channels with 128 Zones
  • Full Dot-Matrix Display
  • Inversion Voice Scrambler
  • Audio Compander**
  • Uses the same cloning software as IC-F3162 series
  • Man Down and Lone Worker Functions for Emergency Call
  • 512 memory channels with 128 zones
  • Dot-matrix, multi-function display
  • Large 2300mAh (typ.) Lithium-Ion battery
  • MIL-STD 810 G rugged construction
  • Mode dependent scan and priority scan
  • DTMF autodial
  • Busy channel lockout, repeater lockout
  • Talk around function

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