MSA Rally Radios

MSA Rally Radios frequencies - Certified Programmer

MSA Rally Radio Suppliers


Digitall-Comms is a proud supporter of the MSA (Motor Sports Association).

We are an accredited MSA radio programmer, which means we can provide you with configured two way radios for motorsport in accordance with the MSA frequency.

We are distributors of both Tait and Motorola mobile radios, the two brands most used by the MSA, on which we offer free programming.


Tait TM-8110   

Tait TM-8110 Mobile Radio

Please note we also have a wide range of refurbished mobile radios, all reconditioned at a very high standard by our in-house qualified team.

Our technical team provides a radio repair service and is always happy to provide with expert advice on the best model to suit your needs. 


MSA Handheld Radios 


We can also provide handheld radios that are compatible and can be programmed in accordance with the MSA frequency.


Entel HX412S Handheld MSA radio      Entel HX415 Handheld MSA radio

Entel HX412S VHF 66-88 MHz Radio                  Entel HX415 VHF 66-88 MHz Radio


MotorSport Products


We can also provide specific Peltor rally headset and radio communications systems.


Peltor MT7H9A 78-VI      Peltor MT7H9A

Peltor MT7H9A 78-VI Rally Headset                  Peltor MT7H9A Rally Headset


Peltor TK57-01/1       Peltor MT632

Peltor TK57-01/1 PTT for rally Intercom              Peltor MT632 Kit for open face helmet

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If you need more information about MSA radios, frequencies and programming or if you want to know more on our service and support please call 01274 602504, or send us your request to