Mountain Rescue Radio Communications

Mountain Rescue Radio Communications

Mountain Rescue radio communications are vital to the efficiency and safety of the mountain rescue team operations and training.  

Why are mountain rescue radio communications crucial? It's simple, in order to save lives the team must be able to;

  • Communicate instantly between the mountain rescue team, Control vehicle and SAR helicopter
  • Operate effectively and safely 365 days a year in all weather conditions
  • Communicate between emergency services teams


mountain rescue radio communications         


Good communications are vital to every mountain rescue operation – whether between the team incident controller (be that the team leader or delegated personnel) and his or her team members, between the team members on the hill expediting a rescue, or between the team and the emergency services.

Recommended products:-

RD965 Digital/Analogue Portable Repeater

HYT RD965 Digital/Analogue Portable Repeater


Digitall Comms is a leading supplier of mountain rescue two way radio systems, with the latest technology we have a solution for every search and rescue team from small area communications to multi-channel systems with bespoke set up.  Digitall Comms offer a free of charge review of your existing radio system and recommendations on how to improve it. 

Maintenance Contracts and Repair Services available for all equipment - Flexible packages available - Contact us now to discuss the package to best suit your needs.

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