Construction Radio Communications

Radios for the Construction Industry

Construction Radio Communications are an important asset in ensuring safety and productivity on the construction site. When employees are constantly moving and carrying heavy material and equipment it is vital that the Two Way Radios are reliable. Construction Two Way Radios are made to meet military standards – IP67 rated with a resistance to water and dust to guarantee durability.Two Way Radios for the construction industry

Why are Two Way Radios essential for the construction industry?

Construction sites are dangerous places, where there are many hazards and risks that site personnel need to be aware of. The dangers are innumerable with the potential of accidents from hazardous substances, falling from heights, injuries from tools and moving vehicles on site. If the worst was to happen, instant communication is paramount.

In an extremely noisy and dusty environment of a construction site, communication is required to be reliable, clear and instant. To increase productivity and ensure strict project timescales are met, constant communication is required to contact site personnel and sub contractors alike.

Two Way Radio Hire

Radio hire offers an inexpensive solution for short or long term projects. Complete communication solutions provided – handheld radios, mobile radios and repeaters as required.

Flexible radio hire packages available please contact our technical support team to discuss your options.

Recommended Radios

  • Small amount of handheld radios needed.
  • All radios tuned to the same frequency – heard by all workers.
  • Analogue radios recommended as they are the most cost effective for smaller sites.
  • The TC610 is a reliable rugged radio that is IP67 rated which are suitable for small teams.
  • If a digital radio is required we would recommend the HYT PD705 LT.

  • A larger number of handheld radios needed.
  • Multi-channel digital radios recommended to connect all workers over the large space.
  • Configured radios so individual groups throughout the construction site only communicate within their group but a sub set of all users connected together in case of an emergency.
  • The HYT PD705 LT is recommended
  • A centrally located multi-channel repeater base station and a larger number of handheld radios needed.
  • Configured radios so individual groups throughout the construction site only communicate within their group but a sub set of all users connected together in case of an emergency.
  • The  HYT PD705 LT or PD785 LT with repeater and base station is recommended

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