ICOM IC-F3102D / IC-F4102D

ICOM IC-F3102D / IC-F4102D

The Icom IC-F3102D / IC-F4102D licence-free business radio is small, simple to use, and capable of both analogue and digital radio communications on a single channel. The IC-F3102D / IC-F4102D is ideal in communications for commercial and private users alike. This model features 16 channels, long lasting battery life, large capacity Li-Ion battery, compatibility with IDAS multi-site conventional and IDAS single-site trunking, hands-free operation and lone worker function.

Package Contains : BP265 liIon battery pack, BC193 rapid desktop charger, BC06 charger adapter, MB124 belt clip, antenna and manual

Models: F3102D (VHF), F4102D (UHF)

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ICOM IC-F3102D / IC-F4102D

Key Features:

  • 16 channels
  • Digital/Analogue mixed mode operation
  • Channel announcement
  • Long lasting battery life
  • 6.25kHz ultra narrow channel spacing
  • No licence is required to use the radio*
  • Digitally modulated secure conversation for commercial private users
  • 32-code status messages for exchanging a short message
  • Common ID code for group communication
  • Compatible with existing analogue PMR 446 channels with CTCSS/DTCS tones
  • Large capacity Lithium-Ion battery with 2-step power saver
  • Compact, lightweight design and tough body
  • Hands-free operation with optional headset
  • Optional programming software allows quick and simple settings of radio parameters
  • Shares the same battery packs and accessories as the IC-F15/F34 series
  • Power on password
  • 2-step Power save function
  • Scan features
  • Lone worker function
  • Surveillance function
  • 3-color LED (Red, Green, Orange)

*Simple licence or application may be required in some countries.

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