Event Radio Communications

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Event & Entertainment Radio Communications

Both indoor and outdoor events require efficient communication between on site personnel to ensure a safe and successful event. As security and safety is a priority at all events, it is vital that you have reliable and durable equipment that will meet your demands. From event management to emergency communications it is imperative to keep every member of staff in immediate contact to keep health and safety under control.               


Why are Two Way Radios essential for the event management industry?

  • Instant communication between all on site personnel.
  • Configured radios for individual groups with a sub set of all the users connected together in case of an emergency.
  • Digital radio option has built in background noise reduction feature - perfect for noisy environments.
  • Can be used both indoors or out, the Two Way Radios are waterproof so if the weather is wet and cold there is no effect on the radios meaning no down time in communication.


Whatever the size of event that is taking place, Digitall Comms can provide professional and sufficient Two Way Radios to fit your needs.


Small & Medium Events          

  • Small amount of handheld radios needed.
  • All radios tuned to the same frequency - heard by all workers.
  • Analogue radios recommended as they are the most cost effective for smaller events.
  • The TC620 is a waterproof radio which is suitable for small and medium teams.
  • If a digital radio is required we would recommend the HYT PD505.                                                                                  


Large Events

  • A larger number of handheld radios required with optional repeater and base station.
  • Unique mobile repeater with backpack available for hire.
  • Configured radios so individual groups throughout the event site only communicate within their group but a sub set of all users connected together in case of an emergency.
  • The HYT PD505 is recommended with optional wide area equipment as required.                                                      


Two Way Radio Hire

Radio hire offers an inexpensive solution for short or long term projects. Complete communication solutions provided - handheld radios, mobile radios and repeaters as required.

Flexible radio hire packages available please contact our technical support team to discuss your options.                          


Two Way Radios we recommend...

HYT PD505    HYT TC-620    mobile repeater

              HYT PD505                 HYT TC-620                                 HYT RD965 mobile repeater