Education Radio Communications

Education Radio Communications

School Safe two way radio communications are becoming increasingly important as the need for 'instant communication' between staff members is high.  

The features of having two way radio in schools can benefit from such as:

Emergency communicatons - fire evacuation
Missing children alert
Panic button - classroom discipline 
Instant security threat warning - inform everyone instantly (silently or publicly)

There are many practical advantages of introducing radios for schools such as:

Dealing with Visitors
Contacting other staff members
General maintenance of assets buildings
Use on sports days and events
School outings

Digitall Comms School Safe

Digitall Comms is a leading supplier of School Safe two way radio systems, with a solution for every school from the smallest to the largest school we offer small area communications to multi-channel systems with bespoke set up.  Digitall Comms offer a free of charge review of your existing radio system and recommendations on how to improve it.

Maintenance Contracts and Repair Services available for all equipment - Contact us now for our competitive most prices.

For more information on any of our products get in touch -  or pick up the phone and call us on 01274 602504 

Further information on Two-way Radio solutions for education facilities

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