Docks & Shipping Radio Communications

docks and shipping radio communications


Docks & Shipping Radio Communications

Two Way Radios are an important asset in ensuring safety and security on ports and docks. Reliable and efficient communication between staff is vital to keep the environment safe. This can be increasingly difficult when communicating across large areas. But with the right equipment in place the security and safety can be kept under wraps.


Why are Two Way Radios essential for the docks and shipping industry?

Docks and ports are dangerous places, there are many hazards and risks the staff need to be aware of. If the worst was to happen, instant communication is paramount.

  • Configured radios for individual groups with a sub set of all the users connected together in case of an emergency.
  • Digital radio option has built in background noise reduction feature - perfect for noisy environments.
  • Instant communication between all staff.
  • The Two Way Radios are IP67 rated - waterproof and dustproof so when the weather is wet and cold there is no effect on the radios meaning no down time in communication.

Two Way Radio Hire

Radio hire offers an inexpensive solution for short or long term contracts. Complete communication solutions provided - handheld radios, mobile radios and repeaters as required.

Flexible radio hire packages available please contact our technical support team to discuss your options.


Two Way Radios we recommend...

HYT PD705 LTHYT TC-610   HYT PD785

                 HYT PD705 LT                     HYT TC-610                  HYT PD785