Two Way Radio Hire for the Unaccustomed Customer

Two-way radio hire vs. buying your own

Coordinating events or exhibitions can be stressful and tiring. That is why using two way radio hire to communicate between teams can make the process flow much smoother & easier. It is common practice for organisations to use two-way radios the first time they are organising and running a small event/exhibition and find them to be invaluable each and every time. But why should you hire two-way radios instead of buying your own? Aside from the safety aspect of using two way radios, it can be a lot cheaper to hire the radios exactly when you need them, instead of buying and maintaining your own.

Benefits of hiring two-way radios:

  • It is a cost-effective cash flow alternative with no significant initial cash outlay
  • Two-way radios allow your team to stay connected even in difficult conditions
  • They are crucial in order to maintain high health and safety standards
  • Your business will not incur costly mobile call charges
  • You do not need to pay when you do not use them

How do two-way radios work?

By pressing ‘Push to Talk’ button, all the team members from the selected channels can receive the message. This is a helpful feature when instructions/directions are needed. The channels can be programmed individually, therefore you can designate each channel to a different task and group of people.

Why you should choose two-way radio hire for your business

By choosing short-term radio hire for your business, you can get used to radio technology without the cost of buying and maintaining the equipment. If you are pleased with the two-way radios and you would like to use them further for your company, we can tailor a long-term hire to fit your needs. At Digitall Comms, we have over 25 years of extensive industry experience and we can offer you a variety of options: from easy-to-use two-way radios to complex multichannel business radio systems. Please head to our radio hire page for further information, or if you would like to discuss your radio hire requirements with one of our experts please call 0330 088 7008.

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